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Official of Ministry of finance: Whether to move exit to drawback inspects a con

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The exit that is about to carry out at will rising on July 1 retreats tax rate to adjust policy, involve a lot of trade such as chemical industry, papermaking, furniture, rolled steel, cement, spin. Wang Xiaohua of politics department vice director represented tax of Ministry of finance yesterday, whether does the near future adjust exit to withdraw tax rate again, the effect that sees this policy adjust even and foreign trade situation develop metabolic case, make clear answer hard at present.

Steely garment industry is affected finite

Wang Xiaohua yesterday net of government of China of be a guest, " adjust partial commodity to export drawback policy " when undertaking communicating with the netizen, express, export the adjustment of drawback policy this, can be helpful for alleviating the contradiction with foreign trade too large surplus, but the result is concrete have how old the data ability that come back feedbacks after waiting for policy to execute period of time even be able to test and verify.

Will export the adjustment of drawback policy on June 18, drag in is worn of the personage inside garment industry " nerve " , because will look from the statistic of custom, clothing outlet is the big head that forms favorable balance of trade. Nevertheless Wang Xiaohua says, the adjustment that exports drawback policy is right garment industry " truly influential " , but do not have a spin fabrics that regards dress as raw material and dress complementary makings bring into reduce scope, from the point of whole spin industry, the effect that should say policy is adjusted is finite.

Wang Xiaohua expresses, rolled steel exports drawback to already had been adjusted for many times, rate of drawback of exit of this steel ironwork reduces the product scope that involve finite, the impact is less. Bring into the product that a few mechanical and electrical products that adjust range basically are low additional cost this, involved range is narrow also. Accordingly, smaller to the overall effect of mechanical industry.

Whether again accommodation circumstance and surely

"Export those who withdraw tax rate this to adjust have subtration only, without addition, the export company that involves to be being adjusted this so on the whole, exit cost can raise somewhat, but what adopt because of us is ' have retain pressure, distinction is treated ' principle, so specific the enterprise to different type, the rate that gets an effect differs somewhat. " Wang Xiaohua expresses.

Wang Xiaohua still discloses, besides the adjustment that exports drawback policy, to settle favorable balance of trade, the country is considering to publish package policy measure. Want to solve favorable balance of trade to pass big question, still need measure of policy of a few form a complete set, the social cost such as environment, resource for instance change is enterprise interior cost, solve exporter to taste the issue with cost small empty to wait a moment. This also is at present the country studies the reason of package policy measure is in. Withdraw tax rate as to the exit that whether can commodity still adjust again inside the near future, wang Xiaohua expresses, "Near future otherwise wants accent, the effect that still basically sees this policy adjust and foreign trade situation develop metabolic case. Eye comes round to say, make affirmative reply hard. "
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