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China needs to maintain price total level to be stabilized basically

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China needs to maintain price total level to be stabilized basically, this report gives the close attention that the government rises quickly to current price level.

Carry the price overall level is stabilized basically be about to develop produce production, improvement to supply, strengthen adjusting control from demand even at the same time, want to wait for project of commissariat deep treatment from tight control corn and soja.

Suffer feed category to rise in price drive, this year index of price of consumer of 1-5 month China (CPI) year add 2.9% ; Among them CPI will go up May panel height is amounted to 3.4% , add fast achieve 27 months to be nodded high, and exceed a government this year the adjusting control target of the 3% less than of set.

Exercise control even integratedly currently exit, increase reserve, strengthen superintend the price that waits for privilege and wealth tax measure to stabilize chemical fertilizer value; Strengthen the resource sex product such as steely, nonferrous metal to export control, write thrust to enter " two tall one endowment " industry industry structural adjustment, increase fall into disuse backward produce ability to spend, prevent the trade investment such as steely, nonferrous metal, cement to rebound.

In addition, answer to make adjusting control of good estate market further, order of normative estate market, stabilize housing value.

Chinese Central Bank began 2 years to had been adopted continuously impose breath and the measure that raise deposit reserve to lead. From 2 the beginning of the year up to now, the Central Bank had gone up 3 times move standard interest rate, among them since this year 2; Go up 4 times tone loan interest rate, come 2 times this year among them. In the meantime, the Central Bank is returned 8 times on tone deposit reserve is led, since this year 5.

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