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The RMB appreciates this year extent is probable namely 5%

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27 days morning, chinese foreign currency trades the RMB that the center announces is right valence is among dollar exchange rate 7.6165 than 1, again since exchange rate mechanism reformed refresh 2005 new tall. Enter since 2007, RMB exchange rate has been achieved 45 times piece new tall. According to collected the of 8.11 level computation when changing 2005, RMB accumulative total appreciates extent is adjacent 6.09% .

The analysis of Xinhua News Agency says, as a result of after July 1, the exit drawback policy of partial commodity should undertake adjustment, before a few enterprises are driven in this one node likely, call in exit money, form the pressure of undersell to the dollar thereby. The speed that the RMB appreciates accords with the market to anticipate roughly. Most domestic and international research organization thinks, the RMB inside year appreciates extent will be in 5% the left and right sides. Fan Gang of committee member of committee of monetary policy of Chinese people bank also expresses publicly for many times, RMB a year appreciate achieve 5% can accept. Be about to pass this year half, at present RMB relatively by last year appreciate extent is 2.46% , as it happens approachs the of 5% in part in anticipating.

Although RMB exchange rate connects innovation tall, but the footing that Chinese finance superintendency department reforms to exchange rate mechanism does not have a change.

The analyst thinks, look from the extent that at present the RMB appreciates and plan, the extent that the Central Bank can tolerate namely 5% the left and right sides, because this is,appreciate accord with what anticipate consistently extent, face unknowable future, the practice of follow the general trend of Central Bank choice also is the safest, a method with the least responsibility.

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