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In steel assist evaluation environment is friendly and steely enterprise

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Begin clean production to promote a business, course of study of intimate chemical industry pollutes prevention and cure, association of Chinese iron and steel industry will be released on June 19 about declaring cleanness of Chinese iron and steel industry produced an environment 2007 the announcement of friendly enterprise, the decision began cleanness of Chinese iron and steel industry to produce an environment 2007 of friendly enterprise choose and reward the job. This year this award declare time up to on July 31.

As we have learned, " cleanness of Chinese iron and steel industry produces an environment friendly enterprise is authorized with promotive method " specific to declaring enterprise postulate to make provision.

In environmental index respect, requirement enterprise discharges what stability of of all kinds contaminant reachs a nation or the place sets to discharge standard and contaminant to discharge gross to dominate index; Integrated specific power consumption, new water consumes company unit product, integrated utilization rate obtains the resource such as litter of main contaminant discharge capacity, solid basically the sources of energy of technology of the production in level of existing and relevant clean production and equipment, resource is used, contaminant generation and trash reclaim the requirement of one class index such as utilization rate; Trash of industrial solid body and dangerous trash safety deal with rate all achieve 100% ; Rate of random and efficient operation achieves environmental protection establishment 95% above.

Running index side, requirement enterprise consciousness uses advanced cleanness to manufacture technology, executive cleanness produces technical measure; New, change, influence of extend project environment is evaluated and " 3 at the same time " system executive rate is achieved 100% , check and accept qualification via environmental protection branch; Build run perfect environmental management system, have perfect environmental administration and system; Record of company environmental protection is complete; Data of data of foundation of of all kinds and clean production target is complete, fixed proper motion is monitored or entrust the monitored data that monitor; Up to specification of sewage draining exit changes punish requirement, main sewage draining exit installs main contaminant by the regulation online supervisory and control arrangement assures to move normally; Undertake blowdown is declared lawfully register, licence of the blowdown that get, by the regulation pay blowdown is expended; Without great environment the letter seeks a case inside 3 years, wait without great environment contamination accident.

In product index respect, used material is banned in in asking company product reachs his to produce a course, must not be contained or using state law, code, level; The international that must not be contained in product and its production process or uses our country to sign bans used material in convention; Product safety, sanitation and quality should accord with the requirement of country, industry or industry relative standard; In the product in limits of environmental mark attestation, according to the environment standard of mark product certification asks to undertake assessing, the product that has gained environmental mark is assessed no longer.
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