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Construction ministry plans to increase trade of high-energy bad news energy-sav

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On June 27, in construction the ministry holds a press conference to go up, norm of construction ministerial standard manages vice director Yang Rong discloses, construction ministry is being built in the industry with whole staff and manufacture technology energy-saving design standard. Besides the industry such as the iron and steel that has come on stage, cement, nonferrous metal, energy-saving design standard is making the manufacturing technology of the industry such as production of course of study of industry of treatment of electronic project, lumber, oil treatment industry, coal industry, architectural pottery, glass in.

This is afterwards country hair changes appoint, part of natural resources of meeting, land fastens silver-colored inspect to just face high cost from industrial admittance, credit, land can, investment of tall pollution trade is carried out after controlling sexual policy, a new constrictive measure. The specific power consumption that the specific power consumption of afore-mentioned industries takes whole industry 70% above.

Building a ministry to publish afore-mentioned policy so also is to get used to a country " 915 " the energy-saving need decreasing a platoon of the program. According to the country " 915 " program, implementation of construction industry need is managing the target of coal of 110 million tons of standards.

According to reporter understanding, at present the sources of energy of bad news of construction industry place uses up for total the sources of energy 27.5% the left and right sides. For this, each district of construction ministry requirement builds civil building to need managing the sources of energy 50% . Minority area, for instance Beijing, civil building need is energy-saving 65% . Nevertheless, in public construction and industrial architectural energy-saving standard still is mixed in formulate perfect in.

Forecast according to what build a department, to 2020, the whole nation will add of all kinds building newly about 30 billion square metre. But from existing building the circumstance looks, although many standard is released in succession, civil building is energy-saving standard system is formed basically, begin to the industry that start is built and manufacture technology in the round formulate of energy-saving design standard, the level that energy natural resources uses integratedly is made normatively edit the job also is undertaking, but a few places are done not have very good implement energy-saving measure.

Norm of construction ministerial standard manages director Chen Chong points out, discovered in the process of the examination " be on trial be on trial is checked is a blueprint, actual construction is another blueprint " circumstance, because this needs what Cheng of strong chemical industry builds a standard to continue,carry out supervisory strength, "Turn round mandatory standard to carry out a circumstance to not allow at all hopeful state " .
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