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Before profit will grow situation of 1.2 times steely gain compared to the same

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Yesterday, the industrial trade data that national statistic bureau releases shows, before 5 months, in kinds 39 industry are big in, steely industry profit grows 1.2 compared to the same period times. The reporter learns from association of Chinese iron and steel industry, according to Chinese steel assist large and medium-sized to 97 statistic of key metallurgy enterprise, gross value of industrial output of before its 5 months grows 34.65% compared to the same period, product sales revenue grows 35.66% , profit tax grows 89.27% , profit grows 153.54% . In steel assist deputy secretary-general Qi Xiangdong expresses, because the rigid demand of global iron and steel is driving, the enterprise produces cost to also move in perch, make price tomorrow will maintain rolled steel fluctuate in exalted interval.

Qi Xiangdong thinks, because benefit of industry of the corresponding period is general last year,the reason with driving growth of steely industry profit is poorer, base is inferior; 2 it is at present domestic steel price still moves in taller interval, but with the international market photograph comparing still has difference, aggregate index of price of end home steel products is low in May 59.1 are nodded, senior capable person became low 80.6 are nodded, plate became small 47.5 are nodded.

"At present domestic steel price is equivalent to actually was being mixed 1994 only the level 1995, but why does steely company profit grow still driving? " Qi Xiangdong is analysed, because,basically be domestic steel look forward to facility is more large in last few years change, change now, engineering technology is implementation automation, successive change, progress of support science and technology makes economic technology index is improved greatly, for instance ton the index such as steel specific power consumption falls considerably; At the same time company product structural adjustment is accelerated, proportion of product of high additional cost rises. In fact, price of steely industry former fuel already rose 4 times, steel look forward to promotes ability to reach current and good gain level considerably through the development of oneself and dimensions economic benefits.

Analyst Zhou Xi adds letter negotiable securities to express to the reporter in, rolled steel price also is compared last year the corresponding period slightly tall, company gross profit although somewhat fall after a rise but still taller. Although near future market suffers exit tax rate to adjust an influence to go low somewhat, but the price still can go steady and rebound. Because market psychology influence makes domestic stock drops,basically be, and had formed " super- drop " , after waiting for market supply and demand to restore a balance, will form to the price pull a movement to use.

Zhou Xi adds judgement, rolled steel consumption is off-season (78 months) afterwards, steel price will be by September rise, iron and steel appears on the market integral amplitude should manage company profit this year in 30% above.
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