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Hangzhou Iron set fine arts in one fashion

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Iron art, has a long history, iron materials and process development also has 2,000 years of development process. As building decorative arts, appears in the early 17th century architectural style popular during the Baroque, has been accompanied by Art Deco architecture in Europe, the traditional European craftsmen hand-craft products, with simple, elegant, rough art style and a glorious history, it is amazing. Fine iron products from Hangzhou, dress U.S. Li homes. Company: Hangzhou West Lake District, Pan Kee Iron staircase firm located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang, is a technical ability, strength of the economy, production and operation scale, professional design, manufacture, sale, installation Iron Products and iron crafts in one of the tribute on behalf of the enterprise. Main: Finished stairs, iron stairs, valet design, production, construction, all kinds of garden villas, luxury hotels and forging family residential district to spend the door, stair handrails, anti- Theft balcony windows, exterior fence project, undertake the processing of engineering projects.
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