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Variety Iron hardness and softness

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In the era of personalized decoration, a combination of strong and soft iron has become the new darling of the people, some fine iron ornaments is addictive. But designers remind tough part is more suitable for decorative iron, its shape and color should be as home-style changes. A lot of iron decorative applications Iron is widely used in home decoration, can be applied to stairs, cut off, entrance, fences, screens, wine racks, chairs, bed, etc., also can be made into a wall hanging, made into lamps, and some, like vases, sculpture, etc. trinkets. Matt Director of Asian decorative designer Li Han introduction, cut off both the metal texture of iron, as well as a sense of permeability, is currently applied in many home improvement. Iron can also be used on the door, for example, black wrought iron style with frosted glass doors made of, or with transparent glass with the same style, wrought iron glass door, this match also appears to be very elegant. In addition, the iron will make family vase full of artistic. Some iron wall hanging, room to add more personality to the atmosphere. Iron furniture - such as beds, chairs, coffee table and other moderate use, make room style up to become tough. In a courtyard home, off the colorful flowers and wrought iron, wrought iron fence of watering, etc., give a fresh country feeling. In addition to these specific iron objects, iron also appeared in large numbers at home as a decorative element, such as wrought iron stair railing, wrought iron cabinet door handles, wrought iron frame and so on. Flexible application of the elements iron, making the room a more simple and heavy, and has precipitated a sense of history. For example, copper in iron coupled with a mirror, you can make the room feel more European classical style. Variety styling and diverse Li Han said that as the iron material in good health, the overall impression thick and ancient, are more suitable for the home improvement local decoration. "Comparison of Iron itself gives the feeling of cold, if a large area in the decoration in use, will seem very awkward, very cold, and warm atmosphere at home do not match, unless there are special interest for this character to use." In her view, thick simple, hardness with softness of the iron is more suitable for the pursuit of natural style, such as American country style, rustic style. However, the iron are changing colors and shapes, allowing manufacturers to produce the desired mode according to their various shapes, to meet the needs of a variety of decoration styles. Lou Hing width of tree decoration designers that the plasticity of iron is relatively high because, in the neo-classical, Mediterranean, European and other styles can be applied. With regard to style, designers have given their suggestions: If it is American country style, rustic, wrought iron need to adopt some of the mellow style patterns, such as a pattern, leaf pattern branches; if it is European style, Iron the best choice to highlight the noble spirit of the bronze, also appears to classical style atmosphere; if it is neo-classical style, bronze staircase, a small coffee table and wall decorations and sculptures are good; if it is laid-back rustic Mediterranean style, with rough walls, without modification of the wood furniture, iron is more pure and simple and show the true nature of home; if it is modern and simple style, consider black and white wrought iron decoration, but the shape is relatively simple and modern, more prominent the strength of iron, and style matched; if Chinese style, you can also make use of the traditional pattern of iron to achieve a perfect match. Lou Hing tree introduced as isolation is concerned, wood partition can not make some special shapes, and wood, whether material or cut off the price artificially high, while iron can cut off the shape and style preferences with the needs of owners to adjust the price also relatively low, so instead of wood can be cut off many occasions. The relative resin in terms of partitions and MDF cut off, cut off the color of iron can style requires random allocation, which is one big advantage. However, designers advise, iron continues to focus on the use of specific needs and style. In the Chinese style, if you need to cut off the performance of its unique wood grain texture, not the iron partition comes into play. Careful attention to detail with Although a high degree of flexibility in iron, but need to pay attention when using the mix with the surrounding material. For many people the dream of the balcony lounge, Li Han said, iron can be used simultaneously with rattan furniture, but it is pure leisure space requirements, and the area should be large enough, it is best outdoor patio or terrace. She believes that if the balcony in the room, this small space built by the Iron difficult to achieve good indoor environmental transition and easily out of tune with the surrounding environment, giving a strange feeling. If it is chosen in the living room coffee table or a table, wrought iron, you need around the sofa with the fabric style mix of products. Such as sofa fabric products, should be similar colors and shape of iron, thus reducing the sense of cold iron, so that the two meet each other well, to achieve the integration of the overall environment. If the wall hanging decoration, designers need to consider whether proposed or in line with the style. If only a small number of iron ornaments, there was no fear, the owners own to play on it. Designers also reminded, the use of iron also need to consider safety. Since iron hard, families with children to be careful selection, if present also try to select a number of rounded, polished iron products, to prevent accidental injury. And due to some combination of wrought iron and glass products often, such as partition, door style, designer, said in use with particular attention to their safety. In addition, iron, after all, a relatively modern decor, consumers also need to consider the older generation of its acceptance.
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