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Wrought iron furniture decorate your house small holiday style

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Iron, has a long history of ancient China there was iron technology; the early 17th century Baroque architectural style prevalent, iron is even more unusual fashion. European craftsmen of traditional handicrafts, with simple, elegant, rough style and glorious history, it is amazing, technology has reached a pinnacle of the Iron, just to be your holiday decorating. Far from looking like two butterflies remain in the petals, the introduction of unlimited imagination. Butterfly framework built with iron bars, decorated with colorful shell fragments, in the light dream-like, as if into another world. Surrounded by bars, spherical framework, internal LED lights crisscrossing the backdrop of lights in the bars even more clear, and immediately broke the quiet atmosphere of the original living room, lending a certain energy, the most suitable for young people to add interest in life. Seemed rusty iron easel surface, which is deliberate and a sense of whom the historical vicissitudes. If you put a great European medieval-style paintings, or an invited artist to draw self-portraits, works of art that is some bright spots. The reason why the world-famous Eiffel Tower, in addition to its own historical significance, but also its highly recognized artistic form, so this should be a great iron Eiffel Tower in the home accessories. Iron, crystal pieces, marble and other materials, coupled with antique hand-painted multi-level, the achievements of Caijing, wrought iron this candelabra, from a different point of view, a different exciting. Iron is not contained within a bird cage, chandeliers are not necessarily hanging from the ceiling, of course, mix and match for the cage and chandeliers, like it or not on a matter of opinion. Outline made of pure iron chairs, back to European patterns for the design elements, specially designed chair legs have some curvature, reveals a simple and elegant European style. Two iron chairs coupled with a small round table, placed in the balcony or garden, summer afternoon, tea with friends talk is indeed one of life's pleasures. Imitation antique clock iron is European and American-style charm, with classic European pattern, the clock face clock face in Europe is also using the design of the ancient style. It's the old sense of the designer specially designed, but also processed through a special process, do not worry about rust problems.
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