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Wrought iron furniture decorate your house small holiday style

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Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo ... ... a lot of city shopping district around the world Christmas lights have been lit. At the end, but also Christmas, New Year festivals peak, how to make your home quickly turned into a carnival full of exotic holiday to? Small number of iron furniture, jewelry might do you a favor. Iron, has a long history of ancient China there was iron technology; the early 17th century Baroque architectural style prevalent, iron is even more unusual fashion. European craftsmen of traditional handicrafts, with simple, elegant, rough style and glorious history, it is amazing, technology has reached a pinnacle of the Iron, just to be your holiday decorating. Iron Butterfly Marketplace: Club Home Reference price: 22,520 yuan / piece Far from looking like two butterflies remain in the petals, the introduction of unlimited imagination. Butterfly framework built with iron bars, decorated with colorful shell fragments, in the light dream-like, as if into another world. Mikado Ball Lighting Marketplace: Weijia think Square Price: 6672 yuan Surrounded by bars, spherical framework, internal LED lights crisscrossing the backdrop of lights in the bars even more clear, and immediately broke the quiet atmosphere of the original living room, lending a certain energy, the most suitable for young people to add interest in life. U.S. iron easel Ka can be Reference price: 698 yuan Marketplace: Qi Rui home Seemed rusty iron easel surface, which is deliberate and a sense of whom the historical vicissitudes. If you put a great European medieval-style paintings, or an invited artist to draw self-portraits, works of art that is some bright spots.
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