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Iron fire ignited more than retail stores

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Yesterday, more than 12 noon, Fengtai District, a wrought iron shop Yuquanying Qiaoxinanjiao suddenly caught fire, the fire quickly ignited their associated more than 10 shops. A total of 26 squadrons of six fire engines fire to fire. Fortunately, the fire caused no casualties, but the merchants are heavy losses, cause of the fire is still under investigation. 1 pm yesterday, three-ring road a north-south street more than 10 fire engines parked. Street is a row of color plate linked to the housing structure, a total of more than 10 shops, most of these shops is to provide iron, stone services. The scene could not see the fire, but could not help the white smoke coming out from the house, firefighters are still spraying the roof and house. The other side of the road piled out of business steal the items. "It was probably half an hour before the to." Color plate housing and connected to a snack bar owner, said the store had a dozen guests were eating dinner and suddenly heard a commotion outside, someone shouted fire, he ran out Iron shop to see the south side of the roof of a smoking, immediately ran back to the house to evacuate guests and staff and have moved out of the gas tank. "Which spare some money, just picking up a few pieces of clothing out to see the fire has burned the next." An hour later, white smoke still coming out from the house constantly, in order to eliminate hidden dangers, an excavator parked in front of shops and began dismantling shops. 4 pm, field recrudescence risks are eliminated. According to the site of a responsible person, the color plate of shops originally only used for business, not people living in it. However, operators buy their own gas tank, kitchen utensils and other daily necessities, there is still life in addition to other business. Taking into account the existence of the local government has repeatedly sent clear security risks, the occurrence of fire for all shops in this row removed.
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