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Jiangsu Baal marchs in a large-scale energy-saving lamp market

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Grow ceaselessly as what our country floodlight acts the role of an industry, Energy-saving lampThe market moves toward maturity gradually, industry conformity undercurrent is billowy, jiangsu Baal is energy-saving limited company of science and technology also be eager for doing sth, boxing foot is exhibited greatly in preparing to encircle the ground to move in this. See a reporter be in please the report that after visitting chief inspector of this company sale Mr Liu Qianfan, makes.

Energy-saving lamp is the rising sun industry

Jiangsu Baal is energy-saving limited company of science and technology is the large group company that major pursues energy-saving lamp development, production, its produce base to cover an area of a face to accumulate 70 thousand 8 more than 1000 square metre, investment amount 108 million yuan, year productivity 120 million energy-saving lamps, the green illume that already became home to have competition ability most now is energy-saving the lamp produces one of businesses.

It is the production that what reason makes Baal is willing to issue so great strength to throw energy-saving light in making, come, to this Liu Qianfan expresses, the policymakers of limited company of energy-saving science and technology are in Jiangsu Baal the progress that energy-saving lamp market values before early, the hasten of general trends place that this is development of domestic illume market not only, it is the general orientation that global illume industry grows more. He says: "The whole world is in now the appeal is energy-saving decrease a platoon, and section report is a energy-saving important facet, the sense is great, if of the whole nationIncandescent lampCan change energy-saving light, can save the next the electricenergy production of 3 gorge project, and return actually more than, because go up to include to live in illume not just in illume application, still have the many sides such as illume of industry, city. "

In Liu Qianfan's eye, no matter will look from the circumstance of home, abroad, in future inside very long period of time, of energy-saving lamp gain ground will be like same field revolution ground of same on a grand and spectacular scale spreads out, this market will be bigger and bigger. Although still have in energy-saving illuminant domain nowLED, without extremely the product such as the lamp, but we want to see, science and technology is science and technology, life it is the life, in the life that achievement of science and technology wants to popularize people in the round truly, need a lengthy process. No matter from technical maturity, product for the many respects such as acceptable level, energy-saving lamp will be future very long period of time mies wife people the brunt product of illume application respect.

Do the most welcome product

Liu Qianfan expresses, limited company of energy-saving science and technology is in Jiangsu Baal on the production of energy-saving lamp, will main fixed position gains ground at suiting what the masses consumes model product, he elaborated his a few views to current situation of market of domestic energy-saving lamp to the reporter, he says: "Have a very interesting appearance, whole world the energy-saving lamp of 80 % is China is made, but, good thing is the foreigner will use, china uses medium, cheap product mostly. The energy-saving light that home uses, photograph of its quality standard is told to Europe compasses, beautiful compasses, it is relatively backward. This kind of phenomenon of course this give no cause for more criticism, because the Chinese's consumption bears,ability is such. But this kind of state is being changed stage by stage, resemble be in previously, bittern pink lamp is the brunt of the market, and arrived now, mixed powder and 3 base lubricious product became main force. In home one, second line market, 3 base lubricious product takes dominant place, and 3, the world that 4 lines market is mixed powder product, for the market situation that holds main share at lamp of past bittern pink relatively, this has been a kind of progress. "
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