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Lighting company: ? of tan shows brand difference to change

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As the industry new round shuffle, the competition of each brand is increasingly intense. How to make a brand shows itself, became the issue that numerous lighting company ponders hard. A brand, how outspread its antenna in terminal market, enlarge its radiant limits, and increase its force? Astute illume can give us probably in the promotion experience of Shaanxi a few inspire. Luo Minghua of director of this corporation district says: "In the enterprise dedicated product pledges quantity, be dedicated to while the product is developed, our firm pays a service, strive obtains brand difference to change through terminal market service, expand in the consequence of terminal. "

Probably, the service can make terminal agency and consumer more the glamour that feels a brand. Shaanxi total representative Mr Yanming that manages astute illume product is in speak of with be full of in the heart when astute collaboration appreciate: "I do the business of the lamp to have 912 years, did not find a sign that suits me truly all the time however. Previously, what I act as agent is a few miscellaneous brands, did before long, manufacturer home closed down. Did not have the collaboration of manufacturer, manage rise quite hard. Till last year June, I and astute illume cooperate, operation center was built in Xi'an, sale status had very big change, the sale of every month is in increase by degrees, the site also is expanding. This on one hand, those who lean is astute having household illuminative to abound a product, having good sexual value to compare, and it is having ' Chinese floodlight acts the role of industry quality and brand 100 strong ' title. But the most important still is manufacturer assists us to make good sale service, obtained the reliance of each agency and consumer. " as we have learned, astute illume is serving a field, having oneself general plan: To just entering the co-worker of the industry, astute clerk can coach how co-worker chooses product collocation to sell; Put forward and carry out " diagnostic type " sale: Undertake investigation, analysis to terminal market through market staff, reach summary, how direct agency locates according to the characteristic of the market oneself storefront, in coordination agency develops the market, it is difficult that for agency platoon care is solved.

Through manufacturer and agency joint efforts, current, astute illume at Xi'an with the formal wide cloth such as the inn in inn, monopolistic area each headlight has a city, still go to network radiate south chicken of Xian Yang, treasure, Yan'an, Yu forest, short for Weihe River wait for circumjacent class or prefectural class market. "Before paragraph time, settleclear city county has the agency that a surname brights to be in the astute brand shop that he decorated below astute help. This agency sells outstanding achievement with respect to what increased him store inside shorter time. From time to time, they still can be invited Xi'an, communicate a few management methods with we and manufacturer personnel. In the respect after carry out, sharp aim also is to be based on on the foundation that makes a client satisfactory, unlike has some of manufacturer, the product of work off resembles sprinkling the water that go out. "
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