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Bay gram person: The ant strategy that energy-saving lamp popularizes

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Bay gram person it is to makeEnergy-saving lampsenior enterprise, its predecessor is the Hua Yi that held water 1985 energy-saving lamp factory, instead showed a name 2002. Energy-saving lamp is bay gram all the time person major servicing, in the sale 2005 specific gravity achieves 50 % , later as bay gram person product diversity, proportion of energy-saving tube business drops somewhat, but it is bay gram as before person main business, sale dimensions is in all the time rapid growth, for bay Keshigong offerred bigger business gain and brand value. Up to now a lot of people mention bay gram person regard energy-saving lamp brand as naturally it.

Long-term since, bay the front row that Ke Shiyi walks along in energy-saving lamp market continuously, the energy-saving lamp of a few own innovation once changed the technical application of traditional and energy-saving lamp, those who cause a trade is extensive and imitated. Bay gram person not too the person that care about those following suit, regard core target as own innovation however, ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, lead an industry agitation through novel product. The near future is passed " Chinese energy-saving product certification " mirrorred bay gram person the innovation achievement in energy-saving lamp respect.

"Ant corps " sale fight

This year bay gram person of energy-saving lamp advocate making variety is " ant corps " " bay charm " series product, include " energy is formic " , " energy-saving formic " , " health is formic " , " environmental protection is formic " and " long life is formic " 5 products. Ant is bay gram person brand mascot, mark of this kind of animal acts the role of an industry not to see more in floodlight, bay gram person from ant build the feature with small, big energy sets out, put ant and energy-saving light together, expressional bay is overcome person the advantage of energy-saving lamp. From these the name of the product can see their characteristic: Energy utilization rate is tall, managing the sources of energy, be helpful for service life of surroundings of user health, protection, product growing. Ant is individual and tiny, and bay gram person " ant corps " energy-saving lamp also is modelling characteristic with small and exquisite, some product volume and a common ball-pen are about the same, but illume energy is none inferior. More interesting is, bay Ke Shifu grants to regard every product as the mark " ant " human nature changes pattern, every " ant " if hurdle race, weight lifting is waited a moment,be stance of a kind of campaign, couplet making a person thinks of the Olympic Games that holds in Beijing next year, and " bay charm " the name mirrors bay gram on one hand person the superior quality of energy-saving lamp, rise with the connection of athletic power connotation of the Olympic Games on one hand. A bay gram is mirrorred not only inside this person the conspicuous originality on brand program, also mirror a bay gram person the strong move that extending energy-saving lamp respect.
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