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1000 beautiful networks spread all over Zhejiang

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It is reported, zhejiang 1000 beautiful since will acting the role of an autograph to make an appointment with with contemporary lamp June from last year, terminal network has spread all over whole Zhejiang area.

According to its manager Liu Daming introduces, so far 1000 beautiful networks had had 86, had enclothed all ground level city in the round. He thinks the market big environment of Zhejiang is very good, the client's demand is in ceaseless change to higher administrative levels, a few agency also raised taller requirement to the choice of the brand. 1000 beautiful making a service for the businessman to the sale team that already had ten people at present, and they are mixed from manufacturer replenish onr's stock deliver goods to the businessman should check through strict quality, make sure high grade product arrives on consumer hand.

Additional all, contemporary June this year lamp is acted the role of still with bright enlighten formal autograph is made an appointment with, there already was 17 terminals cent to sell a network in lukewarm city, stage city, beautiful water at present.

Special attention:

·Classical lamps and lanterns deduces ideal life (group plan)
·Cool and refreshing lamp acts the role of sorching summer to be bestowed favor on newly (group plan)
·Desk lamp of vogue of all kinds of strange things is beautiful (group plan)
·Donovan classical lamps and lanterns designs wall lamp set (group plan)
·European knight is special and classic lamps and lanterns (group plan)
·Flowery and ablaze household lamps and lanterns is designed (group plan)
·The 2007 protagonist that droplight makes market of lamps and lanterns first half of the year

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