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Electric equipment of sunshine of Mount Taishan of ore deposit of bank of anothe

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Held recently " Shandong saves new 2007 product to evaluate congress " on, the KJ3.5LM that newest development of company of electric equipment of sunshine of Mount Taishan of colliery of village of another name for Hubei province of group of mining industry of new short of Wenshui River produces miner's lamp has the honor to win a province outstanding product award.

In recent years, company of father-in-law sunshine electric equipment increases technical innovation strength ceaselessly, undertake upgrading transforming to product of original KJ8SM(C) miner's lamp, obtained remarkable result. KJ3.5LM miner's lamp uses nickel hydrogen batteries to be power source, Lamp holderUse at present the most advanced on internationalLEDComponent of double illuminant illume, have weight light (miner's lamp weight makes an appointment with 140 grams) , time of small, maintenance-free, discharge grows bulk (amount to 15 hours of above) , adaptability is strong (can with original charge frame match) , environmental protection is energy-saving (batteries can reclaim) wait for an advantage. The promotion of KJ3.5LM miner's lamp is used, the negative charge that reduces a collier greatly, economic benefits and social benefit are distinct, have wide market perspective.

Special attention:

·Classical lamps and lanterns deduces ideal life (group plan)
·Cool and refreshing lamp acts the role of sorching summer to be bestowed favor on newly (group plan)
·Desk lamp of vogue of all kinds of strange things is beautiful (group plan)
·Donovan classical lamps and lanterns designs wall lamp set (group plan)
·European knight is special and classic lamps and lanterns (group plan)
·Flowery and ablaze household lamps and lanterns is designed (group plan)
·The 2007 protagonist that droplight makes market of lamps and lanterns first half of the year

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