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Division bright illume government changes seek progress

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Division bright Mr Li Zhonglin tells illuminative the reporter, face changeable market, division bright illume near future changes a part quickly to make adjust, rolled out a series of reform new move, come bigger better seek develops. As we have learned, the Zhongshan city Gu Zhenke that held water 2001 factory of bright lighting electric equipment, it is production electron of a professional development, treatmentEnergy-saving lampProvided firm. Current, its sale network spreads all over the whole world 15 countries, the whole nation has store of retail sales of many 20 straight motion that sell camp, site of many 800 agency, center of 30 many after service. All these is division bright near future should change to the management of vicissitude of the market begged development to be hit solid base and built more comfortable environment.

The 1st attract is entered " foreign aids " , strengthen manage

To provide satisfactory product and service, optimize business management ceaselessly, improve employee quality, strengthen a product to develop strength, increase business productivity, promote a product quality, perfect after service, group fighting capacity and cohesive affinity increase on real significance, accomplish inside strong quality, image is cultivated outside. Division action of outside force of bright illume have the aid of introduces panelist actively to implement administrative strategy. Panelist joins the 4 people that by Guangzhou Ou Ya management consults advisory firm to send halt division bright, will carry from quality management, production fast, company culture, sale is extended wait for many sided to give intelligence supports, express clear division bright " foreign aids " policy is able to start formally.

General trends of the 2nd action " arms expansion " prepare for war produce

Have workshop area 12000 square metre, productivity reachs the month many 100 division bright illume, market situation it may be said auspicious. But, nevertheless, the order that its demand exceeds supply or Rangjisheng produce ability to highlight inadequacy. Admit need to get used to production, satisfy client date of delivery, assure to produce quality, division bright begin arms expansion, the production of 400 more than person the team increases enlarge to arrive 600 more than person, according to division bright conception, accompany those who follow a market to extend with order increase, 2008 division bright will stride to the group way that makes 1000 people.

Brand of the 3rd action popularizes promotion fame

Division the wide perspective of bright order, assure besides product quality and credit besides, division of bright person persistence " the person has me to actor or actress, the person actors or actress my essence " brand of concept place fictile is thorough also popular feeling, so, depend on brand dilate strategy, division bright seeking more extensive cooperation associate. Besides group of rigid quality certification system will have a product besides quality management, for market of illume of ascend body international, its much product still passes attestation of European Union CE, 3C attestation. Up to now till, in perfect quality system, below the premise that assures product quality, kelanggen occupies market demand, rolled out a series of brand products to have market strategy. Lang Yinuo of the Tanggula that its manage, division, bright the demand of administrative levels of consumer of the high end in waiting for a brand to satisfying the market. Introduce according to Mr Li Zhonglin, bright key is extending branch of second half of the year this year product of brand of division Lang Yinuo.
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