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Hubei Xi mixes deep ploughing to leave one town again

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Since Xi and market of Hubei of illume deep ploughing, depend on excellent product quality and good after service, left one town again in Hubei market recently -- in E Zhou city will open a brand shop again on July 21. According to Hubei Xi of city of the state that save another name for Hubei province is mixed controller of illume brand shop introduces in Liu Jiao, although industry of illume of city of state of another name for Hubei province competes in recent years more and more intense, but to illume product, mix to Xi and this kind of quality, service especially famous degree all the product of beautiful will tell, the space of development still very big.

Additional, the Xi that goes to E Zhou to uncover a shop sign for this inn in person and illume president Chen Jun tell a reporter, xi and illume regard a key as the market Hubei all the time managing, while ceaseless development supplies new product, site development and channel are extended hold to from beginning to end slow and steady style, in order to ensure the common interest of manufacturer and businessman. Be in to Xi and illume the development foreground of market of city of another name for Hubei province, chen Jun general manager has hope very much.

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