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Japan drafts new standard to restrict use incandescent lamp

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Province of Japanese economy industry decided formulate bulb is energy-saving a few days ago new standard, hold illume market share in order to drive at present the incandescent lamp of 30 % walks along a behind the curtain gradually, dominate the market by energy-saving fluorescent lamp, achieve managing the sources of energy thereby and the purpose of the carbon dioxide that decrease a platoon.

Japanese media reported recently, new bid brigadier consults the standard formulate of energy-saving fluorescent lamp, and it is very difficult that incandescent lamp reachs this one level, because want to achieve identical brilliance, at present the power consumption of incandescent lamp is energy-saving fluorescent lamp is multiple.

It is reported, economic industry province will call together relevant expert to comprise special committee to undertake discussion to new standard. The issue that basically discusses includes, the price of energy-saving fluorescent lamp is 10 times of power incandescent lamp more identical about, if why popularizing energy-saving fluorescent lamp while protective consumer interest. New standard plans will nowadays before annual bottom knock finally calm.

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