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Semiconductor of favour wisdom riverside (NXP) announces today, the research center operation that establishs jointly with institute of science and technology of Tsinghua university information a year many since, had reached the domain such as car application to obtain significant progress in processing of wireless communication, multimedia. Use an experience as favour Zhi Pusheng " core " science and technology (VibrantMediaTechnology) place brings " next generation experience " be favorred increasingly by the market, university of favour wisdom riverside and Tsinghua decides this research center more the name is " vivid experience lab (NextExperienceLab) " . This is strong confirm favour Zhi Pu develops native land person with ability energetically, increase project of research and development to innovate in order to drive mainland, help China comes true from " China is made " to " China is created " the long-term commitment of change.

Vivid experience lab is mixed by favour wisdom riverside Tsinghua university held water jointly in March 2006. This lab begins academic research not only, devote oneself to a provider to use a solution at the same time, in order to satisfy the requirement of China and even global market. The lab is dedicated the research and development that reachs the domain such as car technology and application at processing of advanced and wireless communication, multimedia, offer the education course that is based on platform of Nexperia of favour Zhi Pu at the same time, and plan of outstanding student fellowship.

Up to now, the lab has been mixed in MIMO, AVS the domain such as car technology spanned to develop milepost importantly. In wireless communication domain, code beforehand to improve place of the MIMO in times of the 3G after 3GPPLTE is mixed to need technology, the lab already filed a patent, additionally two patent are being prepared at present in. The lab still referred to forum of Chinese future mobile second reading, aim to share the view that codes in MU-MIMO vector chooses a field beforehand. In multimedia this one domain, the digital frequency that has Chinese own intellectual property / video makes up decipher standard AVS to be in PNX1300 (favour Zhi Pu is extensive one of Nexperia platform members of deploy) go up move to already came true approximately. In car domain, this lab already developed the embryo that does not have batteries drive to press monitor (TPMS) technology is opposite the applied foreground of this technology undertakes assessment.

The field is developed in this locality talent, favour wisdom riverside offerred Nexperia course for Tsinghua university only, aim to offer a contact to be based on the opportunity of the DSP application process of Nexperia for the graduate student, help them make preparation of good obtain employment, lay next solid foundations to will increase innovation capacity henceforth. Current, already a batch of graduate students complete this course successfully, more student is better will come and grind read this one course. In addition, still 5 students won outstanding student scholarship, this fellowship aims to be education of outstanding student continuity to provide economic support, help them increase technical actual strength.
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