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Meaning law semiconductor and Intel will be established shine put a company

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Semiconductor of law of Intel company, meaning and FranciscoPartners company announce today, name the semiconductor company that is about to establish for " Numonyx " . This year on May 22, these 3 companies announce to will establish an independent semiconductor company jointly. Numonyx company is be established by the department of a few pivotal business that created add up to to make an appointment with income of 3.6 billion dollar last year and become, its business centre of gravity is being offerred at be broad user and industry equipment blame is easy solution of the memory that lose a sex, cover camera of player of mobile phone, MP3, number, computer and other high-tech equipment.

Intel vice-president holds concurrently show the BrianHarrison of presiding apparitor of the first to be appointed to an office that puts Numonyx of sectional general manager, future to express, "We hope to let industry see, we are founding hard important, agile and red-blooded new company, the better way nothing is more... than that transmits this one information takes a proper name for it. We are being advanced steadily according to each established schedule, will recommend this new company formally to broad user later on this year, we feel excited to this unceasingly. "

New establish showing the name Numonyx that puts a company is English word " Mnemonics " (meaning the technology that is help or promotional memory) aberrant. If Numonyx can pass the examination of superintendency branch to achieve routine,clinch a deal condition, the company predicts will 2007 second half of the year is finished trade. The news that announces before together is consistent, new company headquarters will be set in Switzerland.

Vice-president of meaning law semiconductor holds concurrently show the MarioLicciardello of official of presiding operation of the first to be appointed to an office that puts Numonyx of sectional general manager, future to express: "The tag that announces new company can make we own an independent label gradually, this is an user and employee self-identity, the solution of systematic level memory that holds an innovation and cost effectiveness concurrently is banner the label of the manufacturer. We are examining and approve formalities in what deal with superintendency branch, establish a Numonyx this old standard is company developing an important milestone. "

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