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Extend semiconductor business Ou Silang invests Bin city 100 million yuan

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Give off light 2 extremely body (LED) main manufacturer Ou Silang (OSRAM) in Bin city investment counts your auspicious, establish production Xin Jing piece (WaferFab) set bestow to extend semiconductor business.

Bin city is presiding Dr. Xu Zigen points out ministerial Dansili, this investment plan also is Bin city comes nearly 4 years, the largest plan, also be a before actuate of corridor of boreal horse economy main plan.

When he chaired break ground ceremony for Ou Silang new plant a few days ago, point out so.

He says, this is a very special plan, conceive at the beginning from this company approve this plan to state government, just used the time that is less than 4 weeks, this plan also is to be in what industry of orgnaization of Bin city progress, old horse expands bureau and company of investment Bin city to cooperate next facilitating.

Total CEO of Ou Silang semiconductor takes superintend and director Mu Le says Luliken, the area of new plant is to hold foot of 30 thousand square, anticipation can begin to operate 2009, will create opportunity of 800 obtain employment at the appointed time.

Be worth what carry is, the glow diode device that Ou Silang also expands Bin city is had matchs establishment, after the project is finished, produce can will raise 50 % .

The chip workshop of Si Bao of German thunder root and Bin city, will make photoelectricity semiconductor strengthens Ou Silang period position of market of science and technology.

Semiconductor of Ou Silang photoelectricity is a whole world the 2nd big photoelectricity semiconductor manufacturer, domain of its product application includes illume, pass feel and become picture.

Ou Silang shares employee to exceed 3 1000 500 people inside limits of whole world of photoelectricity semiconductor company, headquarters is in Leigensibao, the research and development that why the emperor that is in California fills in and the Bin city of Malaysia has him and production base.

Attendant person include Germany to be stationed in equestrian ambassador Ke Bei.

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