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Return uncut jade to return true: The traditional lamps and lanterns that Han Fe

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The Han Shideng of □ tradition is acted the role of in, applied generally return uncut jade to return really material

□ Han Shideng is acted the role of with " low " be good at, modelling is simple and lively, lamplight is more dim, build sweet and halcyon vision the effect

Appear what □ crystal regards Han Shifeng as case on behalf of one of elements, the Korea dress that should be attributed to the market to go up inn

Although Han Shi's lamps and lanterns is not MADEINKOREA almost,

But it is however on the style " Han " gas is threatening.

Photograph of dress of the Korea idol play that blots out the sky and cover up the earth with nowadays, Korea is compared, want to find lamp of flavour of a few thick Korea to act the role of as additional kind chase after wind a group of things with common features, although do not talk to go up look for a needle in the ocean, also can calculate numerous in search it a thousand times.

Perhaps wearing jacket of be dressed in a Chinese-style jacket and trousers you, do not want to also hang lamp of wood of type of a Han in the home. So, the lamp acts the role of merchant to act the role of a description to appear to try to do a difficult job as best one can a bit to Han Shideng, but reporter or in giant lamp group in, find clues. Although do not have the MADEINKOREA on bake in a pan, still can taste distinctive folk-custom and style from which, take you to see Korea from another angle.

Material pledges house of natural Home Han Shi advocates natural

Korean like wood, this is from ancient up to now the preference of follow. From what be setting with 16 centuries " grow greatly today " , arrive contemporary " winter love song " , " romantic houseful " , no matter white hair old person still is fashionable men and women,like smooth crural bifurcation to move back and forth on wooden floor. Majority is Korean think, appear buckish on the adornment that is full of the person of accomplishment and gentleman demeanour to should be in a room anything but. Accordingly, han type residence advocates natural, stylist also has a special liking character to natural talent.

Then, act the role of in traditional Han Shideng in, applied generally also return uncut jade to put in true material 's charge, for instance cloth, hemp, wood, save the breath of raw ingredient of nature former juice. The controller that Ao Meideng acts the role of tells a reporter, love costly style to differ alone with a few Chinese, much is Korean not exquisite and grandiose, the harmony that pays attention to factitious scene and natural scene however is unified. So, the light that they use acts the role of color to compare simple but elegant, traditional family can choose cloth art, bamboo to make up the material that waits for Gu Yun to pledge, contemporary Korea family is given priority to with fluorescent lamp commonly. Visible, envelop reside in the simple home under flourishing downtown, it is Korean honest and condescending disposition makes like that.
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