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Cree company: XLamp LED " batch " face city

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The smallest luminous flux that company of Cree of supplier of component of illume of LED solid state announced to XLampLED(350mA falls a few days ago can be measured for 100lm) produce supply, established new standard of the brightness of illume class LED and efficiency.

The function of XLampLED was obtained in 17 months of 100% rise, with on generation XLampLED photograph is compared, new generation XLampLED raised next brightness in effect 25% , or below same effect brightness achieved the growth of 55% . Additional, new XLampLED was withheld with on generation is enclosed identically, because this protects the client's design,invest.

The RobertSteele of StrategiesUnlimited company expresses, of so high-powered product commercialize will sure accelerate the illume market change to light source of solid state lighting.

The vice-president of Cree company holds general manager NorbertHiller concurrently to express, this is one can be measured produce announce, is not achievement of research and development or small lot feasible and enunciative. These LED make illume manufacturer uses fewer LED to make lamps and lanterns than before, dropped first product cost and reduce specific power consumption.

Cree product promoted the quality of solid state illume, the sources of energy and communication product and efficiency greatly. This company takes the stock skill that reachs major in Yu Jixian in the advantage of the market, change carborundum and nitrogen for example gallium application is reached in chip enclose an instrument to go up, than reaching a product with other technology, stock, can be in the space with petty bulk, handle greater power, solve the problem of overheat.

Cree their advanced technology elongate at most on 項 application, include to be offerred for general illume more light and adjustable the choice of school, for LED back illuminant indication screen offers the more bright-coloured colour effect, mains switch equipment that is big electric current and gearshift motor to produce first-rate beneficial result, and make wireless data and sound communication capital construction more businesslike. The client layer of Cree is very extensive, include the lighting equipment manufacturer of innovation, down to national defence is relevant orgnaization.

The line of the products of Cree is rich, parts of an apparatus of power source of plan of illuminant of back of the LED chip that incorporates blue and green, LED that uses Yu Zhaoming, LED, switch and radio frequency / radio parts of an apparatus.

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