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Exit drawback policy is adjusted anticipate gradually strong

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Because anticipate the government will reduce exit to withdraw tax rate in the near future, occurrence disagreement of Guangdong rolled steel often manages grow considerably. Custom analyses a personage to think, of foreign trade safeguard not Anacreontic the exit that also quickened this one product.

He reminds, situation of this kind of exit may cause trade friction aggravate, of predicting enterprise live the environment also will worsen further.

Exit drawback rate is reduced anticipate soak strong

The statistic of Guangzhou custom shows, exit of Guangdong rolled steel broke through 2 million tons first 2006, achieve 2.386 million tons, than going up year grow 1.1 considerably times, refresh of this one word the export record of Guangdong rolled steel.

Statistic still shows, this year 1-2 month, guangdong rolled steel exports 360 thousand tons, value 310 million dollar, compare respectively the corresponding period grew 2.1 considerably last year times with 2.8 times.

Nearly a few months, the message that rate of steely exit drawback adjusts is passed more jump over intense. Standing vice-chairman Luo Bing gives birth to association of Chinese iron and steel industry, disclosed in intermittence of meeting of year of National People's Congress recently, the government will cut down steely product to export drawback considerably, partial product drawback will cancel more. Early before the market is rife all the time, the government will reduce iron and steel to export drawback in the near future, next amplitude modulation are 3 % , from early the 8 % before are reduced to 5 % .

Custom analyses a personage to say, the anticipation that exit drawback reduces made an enterprise accelerate exit delivery rate, before the enterprise hopes to be driven in policy to come on stage, grab close outlet, with risk of the raise on the cost that avoid is about to appear.

Product of sex of the tall pollution that serves as a model, high-energy bad news, resource, steely product becomes a government in recent years the key of adjusting control. Last year September, the exit drawback rate of finished product of governmental general iron and steel is reduced by 11 % to 8 % . After two months, announce the product such as opposite iron, billet, ferroalloy imposes the export custom duty that imposes 10 % again.

Afore-mentioned analytic personages say, this a series of policy have explicit oriented sex, show the government restrains rolled steel to export the determination of further growth, predict to still will continue in the light of steely adjusting control.

Not Anacreontic instead dumping

What foreign trade ensures measure is not Anacreontic, also caused Guangdong enterprise to accelerate the exit rate of rolled steel.

Since 2006, chinese iron and steel exports disturbance happen frequently, australia, Indonesian, Thailand mentions to breed of rolled steel of our country part early or late turn over dumping investigation, the country such as beautiful, Han, Mexico, south Africa also is given out in succession turn over dumping caution.
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