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China considers reducing rolled steel to export drawback to lead a part to fall

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To avoid high cost can the product is excessive export and alleviate the tremendous international pressure that sustains on steely export problem, china already announced to export partial rolled steel drawback to lead last year by 11% fall to 8% . National hair changes appoint vice director Zhang Guobao is in now " forum of Chinese development high level " disclose when the speech, at present China still is considering to export breed of partial rolled steel drawback rate to fall the policy of 0.

Exit of China of before this year two months and favorable balance of trade continue to grow quickly, favorable balance of trade will be as high as seven hundred million two hundred and thirty dollars Feburary, for the history second tall. Basically export one of products as China, huge rolled steel exports the trade friction pressure that increased China.

In fact, in recent years Chinese government already moved for many times high cost of keep within limits can be exported with resource product, include to enlarge improvement trade to prohibit kind of catalog, cancel to electroanalysis the exit drawback of the product such as aluminous, coke, ferroalloy, billet, the export that reduced more than 140 kinds of rolled steel withdraws tax rate.

Zhang Guobao says now, export policy to do afore-mentioned adjustment to resource product, one of main considerations should reduce exit and trade friction namely, uphold world trade order.

This official shows anxiety-riddenly, to China natural resources of such energy of average per capita measure not rich nation, from at the moment the interest sets out, mix with sacrificial environment use up the sources of energy to grow high cost for cost can industrial as good as at drain the pond to get all the fish.

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