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Add breath trigger to buckle noisy landed iron and steel very get hurt

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In a of the market constrictive sex anticipates sound is medium, the Central Bank is in at once " two meetings " conclude to be buckled noisy the next day add breath trigger, this also is the Central Bank go up twice continuously this year after tone deposit reserve is led, go up first move standard interest rate. The personage inside course of study points out, bencijia ceases indicate the move is new one round add breath cycle to begin, constitute short-term pressure to the market, dan Benzhou is to appear on the market company annual report announces a summit, good news of outstanding achievement interest or can negative to developing a part effect. On the operation, investor is adding breath hind to answer evasive asset is indebted ratio is relative higher periodic industry, wait like bank, landed, aviation, iron and steel, change defence sex to stronger breed, brand advantage, cash is had to shed abundant bibcock company in if railroad, freeway, coal is reached,consuming kind of industry.

The market short-term concussion or hard to avoid

How does Guo Taijun think, add interest will be right the stock market causes immediate adverse effect, short-term concussion or will avoid hard. Specific and character, add breath influence to basically reflect in 3 respects: One, raise company capital cost, raised the pay of the financial cost such as accrual; 2, produce an effect to income of partial industry business and cost, demand, affect downstream and relevant industry; 3, add breath bring about investment fund of necessary return rate rise, reduce company estimate cost, also affect the investor configuration between different asset at the same time, bank deposit circumfluence may increase, have adverse effect to area of stock market financing.

What be worth to be carried more is, 6 years add breath, the stock market is in bovine city initial stage, can digest in a day or two add the benefit empty information of breath. But nowadays, stock market quick short steps goes up 3000 a little bit, exhausted condition all is shown, add interest is possible to the stock market short-term go situation cause clear impact.

The industry jubilates a few times a few home anxious

Do not need doubt, theoretic tell, adding the breath effect to Chinese economy is all-around. But, specific to disparate industry, otherness is very apparent also. Compare and character, add interest is right the periodic industry such as machine of estate, steely, building materials, nonferrous metal, project is negative the impact is bigger, do brief analysis with respect to industry of a few keys below:

Bank: Neuter

The negotiable securities that enrol business thinks, add this breath, belong to neuter to slant to the influence of the bank negative. Because put the extent that lends the air on interest rate to agree, because add,so silver guilds breath bring about loan to add fast it is certain to have drop, this can have a few negative effects to outstanding achievement. And the economy that brings by the place of policy of macroscopical adjusting control of constrictive sex puts delay, raise bad loan rate likely also, bring scarcely benefit to affect to the bank. But to insurance, the hopeful of long-term investment return rate of insurance company rises apparently, the influence should belong to the front.
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