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Situation of demand of Chinese raw material may appear 2007 inflection point

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, in recent years consumption of Chinese raw material appears to rise a situation quickly

Some closer year come, suffer domestic and international economy to grow to accelerate an effect continuously, although exist a few fluctuant, but on the whole, the level of growth of raw material spending such as Chinese ore, crude oil, coal, cement, balata raises ceaselessly. Be like 2002, investment of whole society fixed assets gains blessing for 17.4% , rise to 2006 24% . A few main goods and materials produce year of tasted growth range, rolled steel by 2002 18.9% rise 24.5% 2006; Finished product is oily (crude oil processes a volume) by 3.2% rise 6.3% ; Aluminous material by 15.7% rise 36.9% ; Cement by 13.7% rise 19.1% ; Tire by 14.3% rise 29% 2005. Year of growth level that basically consumes industry or industrial product through afore-mentioned raw material we can conclude: In recent years consumption of Chinese raw material presents acceleration situation basically.

Because the abidance of consumption level rises, the consumption of the important raw material such as Chinese iron ore, coal, copper, aluminous, balata expands quickly, become global number one to consume big country in succession. Other wait like oil, useless metal, yi Jin basically consumes national ranks into the world. As a result of worldwide inside lack prepares accordingly, afore-mentioned " Chinese element " providing vast growing space for market of international raw material, drive the whole world while economy booms, became inevitably some closer raw material supplies year of future world group slant one of main factors of tight situation. On this foundation, international fund take advantage of an opportunity and for, the strategy is done much, add fuel to the fire, push the market level of raw material ceaselessly to the history new tall. Suffer its to affect, company of domestic and international production of important raw material and trafficker people, obtained " super bonus " . World economy ought to thank China!

2, demand of consumption of Chinese raw material appeared possibly 2007 " inflection point "

In normal market economy environment, price quotations and supply demand relations always are each other influence, interaction. Achieve the history ceaselessly new high price prices is attracting investment, exciting resource to supply increase while, also restraining consumption, make the base of negative oneself thereby. Commodity supply demand relations is accordingly impossible forever nervous, price prices rises impossibly also forever go down.

Notable is, get the influence of many sided element, chinese raw material consumes those who increase a level to already was maintained hard quickly continuously, will be worth fall after a rise by the peak in succession, appear by turn quickly continuously those who be decelerate is alleged " inflection point " . Change character, 2007, or 2008, the growth rate of demand of Chinese raw material will slow come down, won't accelerate again.
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