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Zhang Guobao says the country is being accelerated fall into disuse backward pro

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National development and Zhang Guobao of reform council vice director say 18 days, question of industrial structural adjustment is crucial, potential is very great, our country is being accelerated fall into disuse backward produce can pace.

The development of the 8th China that Zhang Guobao is holding here says on high-level forum, washing out backward productivity is an arduous and complex task, but to finish the energy-saving job that decrease a platoon, must overcome difficulty to give stoutly carry out. Zhang Guobao says, 2007 one of keys of structural adjustment of our country industry are: Continue to had made macroscopical adjusting control, the land of project of investment of strict fixed assets, annulus is judged, leasehold examine and verify, go up newly in careful criticism appraise the content that energy-saving opinion raises when the project. He says, arrive from now on 2020 will still be the period that Chinese industry grows more quickly. Data shows, in our country whole society energy resources is used up in, industry was occupied 70% , among them specific power consumption of 5 large trades occupies treatment of steely, building materials, chemical industry, oil, coloured again 69% of countrywide industry specific power consumption.

It is reported, national development and reform committee already were signed with city of each province area 50 million kilowatt falls into disuse inside 4 years the responsibility book of backward small generation set, fuel generation set, internal force try to be the first washs out 10 million kilowatt this year, with each province area city talks things over, sign eliminate ability of 35 million tons of 30 million tons of small puddling, small steel-making. Should perfect 2007, transform and productivity of Guan Zhuaihe straw pulp 3 million tons.

Zhang Guobao says, the straw pulp papermaking that tall pollution discharges in course of study of our country papermaking ever was occupied 70% , after increasing proportion of waste paper papermaking in recent years, pollute papermaking of discharged small straw pulp the high cost water that still has 20% , high, national development and reform committee also are planning to plan to increase surely wash out strength. The directive opinion that beginning to make the trade such as alcohol of chemical industry of copper, coal, fuel, chemical fertilizer, tire, rare earth, gold, papermaking, medicine. Plan in these and reflected in policy raise industry admittance level, eliminate high cost can backward produce can.

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