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Shandong explores circular economy mode in 10 industries such as iron and steel

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Shandong province decides to be in steely, electric power, chemical industry, coal, papermaking, gold, brew, building materials, nonferrous metal, light industrial mode of economy of loop of 10 industries exploration, the harmony that realizes economic society and resources environment develops.

In steely industry, with company of group of Jinan iron and steel " steely trash resource changes management, closed circuit to be used circularly " , of company of iron and steel of Lai overgrown with weeds " liquid waste 0 discharge " , of company of Qingdao iron and steel " blast furnace is gas, industrial water, solid is abandoned and more than heat loop of 4 closed circuit, begin steely trade the research and development of the technology of circular economy key that water of energy-saving, section, trash reclaims and resource uses integratedly;

In power industry, with power plant of Shandong yellow island " clean production, to decoke removes dust, become useless to be treasure " with " liquid waste external 0 discharge, fly ash is integrated utilization rate 100% " , in Shandong can of group company " coal report affiliation, resource is used circularly " , Hua Dianqing island generates electricity, begin power industry resource to use project, to decoke integratedly to remove dust the construction that waits for project of contaminative prevention and cure;

In chemical industry, turn group company with Shandong sea " one water group of 6 used green zoology industry " , Yantai 10 thousand China of company of synthetic leather group " in-house litter resource is changed, use circularly with exterior participate in systemic circulation photograph to be united in wedlock " , Shandong Dong Yue, of the zoology industry catenary of industry of executive chemical industry fore-and-aft and outspread and transverse extend;

In coal industry, with company of group of mining industry of new short of Wenshui River " coal production is given priority to, coal, report, change, establish group of quaternity big industry " , of company of Yan mine group " coal chemical industry " reach a certain number of enterprises to be pilot, compose builds economy of coal industry circulation to develop pattern;

In papermaking industry, with Shandong of company of estate of fontal forest paper " forest oar paper unifinication and water natural resources reclaim use " , of company of estate of Shandong sun paper " trash 0 discharge " wait for an enterprise to be pilot, liquid waste of construction papermaking industry 0 discharge technical innovation base, cogent the environment that solves papermaking liquid waste pollutes a problem.

Be in light industrial and gold, brew, building materials, nonferrous metal, other 5 industries, also chose a batch of enterprises to undertake pilot, exploration compose builds circular economy to develop pattern.

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