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Future washs out 100 million tons of backward puddling 5 years to produce can

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In " the 8th China develops high-level forum " on, national hair changes appoint Zhou Jian of deputy director general of total bureau of environmental protection of Li Yong of undersecretary of director Ma Kai, Ministry of finance, country grows way with respect to change economy in succession, the issue that boosts industrial structure change expresses a point of view.

Ma Kai points out, cost of the resource that our country expends in rapid growth, environment is too big, basically have the 3 big reasons such as extensive of level sex, transition sex and oneself growth pattern. He says, accelerating growth pattern to transform is our country is mixed currently henceforth a very urgent task, when advancing growth pattern to transform, want to emphasize the organic couple of market adjustment and macroscopical adjusting control, should develop a concept newlier, optimize economic structure, promote energy-saving reduce platoon, support progress of science and technology, deepen system reform, adopt a lot of measure to complete this system project.

Ma Kai says, last year, gross of our country GDP reachs 2.16 trillion dollar, occupy world GDP gross 5.5% the left and right sides. And the sources of energy that wastes for this achieved coal of 10 thousand tons of 2.46 billion standards, occupy world energy resources to use up about 15% the left and right sides. Ma Kai expresses, the main avenue of pattern of change economy growth is to should optimize economic structure. Want to adjust industrial structure 3 times energetically, should accelerate the development that serves industry particularly, to 2010, the proportion that makes serve course of study to increase a value to take gross domestic product increases 3 percent at least. To high cost can, the backward productivity of tall pollution, ma Kai expresses, will take numerous step, backward puddling falls into disuse 5 years to produce in future can 100 million tons, backward steel-making is produced can 55 million tons, close stop small unit of backward coal fired 50 million kilowatt.

Li Yong expresses, the Ministry of finance will take step, increase advance industrial structure to optimize upgrade. Li Yong says, the Ministry of finance will increase devoted strength, the fundamental industry such as supportive the sources of energy, raw material, irrigation works, traffic and infrastructure are built; The industry of new and high technology such as supportive development biology, new material, new energy resources, aerospace; Support drives finance, safe, information and legal service to wait for contemporary service line of business to accelerate development, serve the proportion of course of study and quality with rising as soon as possible; Accelerate at the same time wash out specific power consumption the craft that low, pollution weighs tall, efficiency, technology and equipment.

Grow manner change to realize foreign trade as soon as possible, li Yong expresses, finance will done enterprise income tax of endowment of inside and outside two laws fulfil the job amalgamatively, perfect policy of taxation of imports and exports. Additional, finance pays strength the cost that increases state-owned company reform further, make clear the investment borderline of government and enterprise, build a government to invest responsibility to find out system and supervisory examination mechanism.
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