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Profit of before two months of steely industries grows 3.6 compared to the same

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The report that national statistic bureau issues 27 days shows, before this year two months, business of industry of countrywide dimensions above realizes profit to grow 43 compared to the same period. 8 % , amplitude is compared the corresponding period accelerated 22 percent last year.

Statistic of national statistic bureau shows, before two months, business of industry of countrywide dimensions above, namely year advocate business Wu income the industrial business of 5 million yuan of above, realize gain 293.2 billion yuan.

Company profit shows industry of above of our country dimensions to rise situation quickly since last year. Amplitude of embellish of before last year two monthly interest is 21. 8 % , achieve 28 % first half of the year, annual grows 31 % . Before this, industrial profit from 2002 3 quarters come the four seasons was spent 2004, maintain the 30 % growth to 40 % continuously.

Growth of steely industry profit is in lead position. Statistic shows, before two months, steely industry profit grows 3 compared to the same period. 6 times, power industry grows 66. 7 % , coal industry grows 57. 3 % , manufacturing industry of traffic facility for transporting grows 68. 4 % , nonferrous metal smelt and pressure delay treatment industry to grow 31 % .

Statistic shows, treatment of before two months of oil and coking plant course of study make up the deficits and get surpluses, by net last year loss 4.6 billion yuan turn for gain 14.8 billion yuan, oil and profit of industry of natural gas exploitation drop compared to the same period 18. 6 % , manufacturing industry of electronic communication equipment drops 14. 2 % .

In Feburary end, business of industry of countrywide dimensions above is receivable Zhang money net specified number 3.065 trillion yuan, grow 18 compared to the same period. 9 % ; Manufactured goods capital one thousand four hundred and fifteen billion six hundred million yuan, grow 18. 4 % .

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