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Zhou Xiaochuan: Chinese economy is very hopeful avoid hard-land

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When coulee of week of president of Chinese people bank was attending Pan American to develop bank annual meeting a few days ago, express, although dweller of 4 the middle of a month consumed price index to rise in the past, but the trend that does not show aggravate of inflation of metaphase of Chinese economy existence. "What we are anxious is inflationary trend, is not current inflationary level. "He says frankly.

Although our country major month carried the state of " of " fast growth, low inflation last year, index of annual consumption price (CPI) goes up compared to the same period it is only 1.5% , but begin from November, CPI goes up show enlarge a trend, CPI will rise in November 1.9% , achieve 20 months new tall, december add fast was to achieve more 2.8% , add January 2.2% with 2.7% Feburary, CPI amplitude is successive 3 months maintain in 2% above.

This makes what just face inflation each anxious and fast warm up, zhou Xiaochuan also expresses when attending two meetings, "Amplitude of CPI of a few months slants a little recently fast. "According to the target that governmental working report raises, CPI total level goes up this year should be in 3% less than.

For the inflation that appears to the likelihood aggravation undertakes controlling, the Central Bank is in on decisive Saturday chose to add breath. Make clear in the press release that the Central Bank issues express, this second on RMB of tone finance orgnaization puts loan standard interest rate, be helpful for safeguarding price total level to be stabilized basically, apparent, to avoid inflationary aggravate, the Central Bank hit " to measure " ahead of schedule again.

To the problem of respect of RMB exchange rate, zhou Xiaochuan expresses, supply and demand of market of be decided by of RMB exchange rate, do not have set a target beforehand.

He points out at the same time, china will continue to adjust structural sex policy to be consumed in order to encourage, economy is very hopeful avoid hard-land; The dollar drops won't major to Chinese economy generation effect.

As we have learned, here second Pan American develops bank annual meeting, government of China of week coulee delegate and Nuo of Mo Lei of president of bank of Pan American development signed what join Pan American to develop a bank about China to forgive memorandum, join Pan American finally to developed a bank to lay a foundation for China.

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