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The gain level of Chinese bldg. is current and only 2% - 3%

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New main question: Near future China builds construction industry first times to develop a report to release, this report showed two astonishing numbers fully: The gain level that at present China builds construction line of business is only 2% - 3% , but indebted rate already was as high as 65% .

This report that association of Chinese construction business management issues points out, building construction industry can say to holding pillar position in Chinese countryman economy, created gross domestic product 5% - 6% , and, number of bldg. obtain employment is as high as left and right sides of 40 million person, take whole blame farming 12.4% of personnel of industrial obtain employment. But because trick of a lot of engineerings bids the price is pressed too lowly, and the reason such as money of project of construction company pay for sb and expect to be repaid later, indebted rate is as high as building construction industry however at present 65% . In addition, project money defaults a phenomenon to still be highlighted quite.

The report puts forward, the country should come on stage as soon as possible include engineering trick to bid byelaw inside relevant industry policy comes normative market. Standing vice-chairman Wu Xiegang says association of Chinese construction business management: "Enrol for example bid, you cannot (the price) lower better, cannot maintain dry also, action bid should have low be restricted, crossed this low be restricted, you cannot win the bid. In the future these conditions inside can control, will change these conditions. Will change these conditions..

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