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Course of study of iron and steel of local interest block up is bought

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On March 6, lin Donglu of president of the group that include steel is avowed, this company and Er of tower of rice of · of A contest the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces (the negotiation that ArcelorMittal) makes over about equity has ended, both sides fails to reach any agreements. Meanwhile, national hair changes appoint join belong to the same organization of group of endowment Lai steel to Asailuo Midaer, save national endowment to Shandong appoint make written reply to a subordinate body, preliminary overruled what A surpasses Luo Midaer to buy a plan.

Same day, country of the State Council endowment appoint released " program development work answered attend to to worked mainly 2007 2006 train of thought " , according to the program, arrive from 2007 2010, center look forward to should reduce 100 further from 159 of present, in order to improve the efficiency of the integral efficiency of the enterprise central and state-owned capital. Before this, national endowment appoint director plum Rong Rongceng expresses, wait for after carrying out state-owned capital gains to capture administrative system 2007, the state-owned capital of central enterprise focuses the company of important key member that waits for an industry to iron and steel.

And since 2005, in big strides of international estate magnate enters a country, those who lead preexistence iron and steel to course of study pulled open an enterprise and be bought is prelusive. Asailuo Midaer again and again with Bao Gang share (600010) , 81 iron and steel (the much home iron and steel such as 600581) appears on the market company arrange with, seek share. But at this late hour, achieve cooperation truly have group of Hua Ling iron and steel only, share Hua Ling cop (the equity of 000932)29.48% .

Foreign capital enters Chinese steely business one forthright road is bumpy, analytic personage thinks, besides price reason of the surface, most prime cause is the industrial policy that does not accord with a country. The ground is encircled in Chinese horse race in international tycoon while, domestic steely company is unwilling also and doleful, explore the possibility that buys.

Get bellwether as look forward to of our country steel, treasure steel group also nods embattle in the shop all the time. Begin from November 2005, bao Gang early or late steel, Lai steel, as wide as Wu Gang, Han steel, Ma Gang, 8 steel, too the steel look forward to such as steel and Shao Gang is signed " allied framework agreement " , and appear on the market correspondingly in afore-mentioned steel look forward to Bao Gang all also appearing in the company is form.

As identical as international tycoon result is, treasure steel group comes true finally and buy conformity have 8 steel group only. The others a few the home or it is to already was impossible, or the progress that does not have materiality.

Be in early 2005, standing vice-chairman holds association of Chinese iron and steel industry concurrently secretary-general Luo Bing is born with to ever was depicted, iron and steel industry of prospective our country is main buying route chart is:
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