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German steelworks thinks exit of Chinese rolled steel does not constitute menace

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According to foreign media coverage, a few steelworks of European (include company of Bai Gang of captive of Sen Ke of German the base of a fruit) expect to see concentration spends implementation of quite low Chinese steely industry to recombine. Look in these European steelworks, because product of Chinese rolled steel pledges the quantity compares local product quality to want difference, rolled steel exit of China won't constitute menace to its temporarily.

Dieter Ameling of steely and allied chairman points out Germany, what Chinese government announces to will wash out 100 million tons or so as soon as possible is backward produce can. According to the plan, china lagged behind with respect to what should wash out 10 thousand tons thousands of 2006 produce can, but such policy did not get be fulfillinged effectively. Nevertheless, he points out, because consciousness of environmental protection of Chinese common people increases gradually, the pressure that the concern that pollutes a respect to the environment causes is greater and greater. Notable is, the proportion that discharge capacity of trash of small steel mill holds is opposite taller.

The president Karl-Ulrich Kohler of captive uncle steelworks expresses Disenke, the advantage of low production cost of Chinese steelworks is in wear off. "Global raw material and energy cost had risen. Although labor cost of China is relative cheap, dan Jisheng produces efficiency lower than European steelworks also much, both is mutual and quits. " at present exit of Chinese rolled steel appears rise, its reason basically is the price difference between the area, and rather than produces cost difference.

Kohler still emphasizes, the rolled steel that China exports to Europe is main confine uses level in business, these general steel products basically put in at spot market, and the product that dark of the base of a fruit overcomes captive uncle to basically produce high level, and devote oneself to to establish close connection with the client, have the research and development of new product with its collaboration. This company is right of downstream user had held its sale for scale continuously 60% above, can ensure consequently gain realizes when steely industry produces periodic wave motion.

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