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Environmental protection total bureau removes to be restricted to approve a ban

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Pan Yue of deputy director general of total bureau of national environmental protection says to media bulletin now, in view of Tang Shan city is mixed big the Tang Dynasty international generates electricity illegal project already finished the environment of Inc. rectify and reform, the area that environmental protection total bureau decides to remove to be carried out to its since this day and industry are restricted to approve.

Pan Yue says, on January 10, 2007, after environmental protection total bureau carries out area to be restricted to approve to Tang Shan city, tang Shan municipal Party committee, municipal government is rectified and reform actively, the manner is determined. Up to now, limited company of industrial group limited company and iron and steel of Luan Na Huarui violates course of study of treasure of the limited company of iron and steel of Tang Shan new couplet that the bulletin investigates, Tang Shan 3 times compasses construction project already stop production stops build; Backward equipment already eliminated 7 steely companies demolish; 7 little iron and steel, Xiaojiao changes an enterprise to be banned lawfully; 10 pollute serious company stop production to rectify and reform; Establishment of 15 environmental protection is not whole, exceed the business with serious bid to be asked deadline is administered. In the meantime, tang Shan city is opposite actively the tall pollution industry such as the iron and steel inside the area, cooking undertook the platoon is checked helping net style, the business with can backward to 143 family property, serious pollution was adopted respectively remove and transform measure. To the end of this year, 2 oxidation sulfur of whole town discharge gross to will drop 28% .

Pan Yue says, big the Tang Dynasty after power plant of hill of international the Tang Dynasty is investigated by the bulletin, big the Tang Dynasty international generates electricity Inc. studies jointly with Tang Shan municipal government instantly heat source replacement scheme, fulfil rectify and reform a requirement, 5 small unit already stopped at closing entirely a few days ago.

Pan Yue points out, the relies on resource development traditional industry city that Tang Shan is a model, the task that adjusts economy of industrial structure, change to grow means, implementation to reduce a goal is very formidable. Before be restricted to approve, tang Shan small steel mill many 70, layout is dispersive, processing level is low, its 2 oxidation sulfur and smoke dust discharge capacity are in ton of steel 10 kilograms of above. After be restricted to approve, tang Shan city from big city of iron and steel set out actually, establish a new program quickly. Namely with head steel, Tang Gang is bibcock, cast off the dependence on steely to rough machining gross, dimensions stage by stage, through " go up to squeeze bad of the small, discard that help actor greatly " , optimize industrial structure, promote an industry administrative levels, outspread industry chain, stimulative resource deepness is used, achieve complete improvement thereby environmental state and the goal that reduce contaminative gross. Tang Shan borrows a steel to remove 10 million tons when come over / year project of steel output modernization, use Jiao Lu to do extinguish to decoke of flue gas of anxious, agglomeration, liquid waste 0 discharge the pollution that waits for current and top level to administer measure, its the 2 oxidation sulfur of ton of steel and dust discharge capacity will be reduced substantially. Large-scale, intensive is changed, low discharge, deep treatment is tall the new-style and steely industry of additional cost realizes hopeful in Tang Shan. Can predict, discharge intensity to drop when contaminant a few times while, economic benefits also is met the growth of a few times.
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