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Of ambry 5 big not one by one of environmental protection element looks askance

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I act the role of my home network - household act the role ofing is tasted, live in life information platform. The ambry product of environmental protection already can beautification household, what can ensure family more is healthy

Ambry estate development is very rapid in recent years, but because market control is diseased still, industry order is more confused. Type of a few small mill " manufacturer " , domestic type " factory " produce a cupboard that also serves as a table without aptitude at all this kind of special product, they are passed jerry, shoddy wait for means to produce inferior ambry product, a large number of poisonous and evil stuff mix as a result slash among them, damaged consumer rights and interests severely. In fact, the reporter also investigates discovery, many so-called " environmental protection " ambry does not accord with environmental protection standard actually.

Recently, pine of fine of Yao of executive chairman of committee of major of ambry of countrywide business association is accepting times reporter to interview, when the summary when speaking of ambry consuming an environment pointed out consumer is buying a cupboard that also serves as a table, the 5 big questions that may encounter. To these problems, yao Liangsong expresses, the environmental protection of ambry is an all-around concept, not be far " formaldehyde does not exceed bid " can of include, still have rife other not environmental protection element.

1 chemistry pollutes the problem invisible killer

Besides formaldehyde, there still may be harmful material benzene, radon to wait inside ambry. Besides face plate, still have cabinet body board and stick glue to need to undertake relevant processing, ability makes sure the content of each harmful material does not exceed bid.

Miss Li that lives in sea bead area says to the reporter, the near future she detected him home new clothes builds a house, the result is very amazed. During decorate, when buying household articles for use, all agency tell Miss Li, what they choose is to use data of pure environmental protection. But the result that Miss Li asks an expert to detect discovers however, new building decorates leftover and harmful gas each index is not little still exceed bid. Especially kitchen, formaldehyde exceeds bid 3 times, benzene exceeds bid 4 times. Detect the orgnaization tells Miss Li, the reason that kitchen chemistry pollutes is ambry installation is too too much, secret, in addition the ambry quality that she chooses closes nevertheless, also be to bring about decorate the another consideration with serious pollution.

Expert clew:

There are a few low-cost cabinets on the market, have allure very much to consumer. The great majority that these low-cost ambry use is inferior plank, appear very easily consequently the circumstance that formaldehyde exceeds bid.
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