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Which does lamps and lanterns have a few kinds big? How to install commonly? In

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The lamp acts the role of the eye that is furniture. In contemporary family adornment, the action of lamps and lanterns already not just illume of bureau be confined to, what it has more time is adornment action. Accordingly the choice of lamps and lanterns is about more complex much, it involves safety to omit report not only, and can involve capable person a lot of element such as grade of qualitative, phyletic, style. A good lamp is acted the role of, likelihood spirit that becomes a family to decorate, the sitting room that allows you or bedroom shine be born like that brightness, smooth buy a few minutes of warmth and interest. So, choice of lamp act the role ofing is decorated in the family in also become very important.

Classification and style

For the angle that never is the same as, lamps and lanterns can be divided for different type.

For instance, will divide from illumination, can divide wait a moment for lamp of fluorescent lamp, magnesium light, incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, neon lamp, their color different, brightness each different, accordingly, use place is endless also and same. For instance: Energy-saving lamp is efficient and energy-saving, likelihood more agree with hutch defends a location, incandescent lamp light is downy, criterion more agree with bedroom; Neon lamp colour is gorgeous much appearance, multi-purpose the place that adorns atmosphere at need.

And we introduce mainly, basically be divided from the appearance of lamps and lanterns and function.

Come from appearance and function say, lamps and lanterns basically can be divided for lamp of droplight, smallpox, cover lamp, shoot the lamp, fluorescent lamp and desk lamp to wait a moment.

Droplight has only head droplight and bull droplight commonly two kinds. Only head droplight agrees with more kitchen and dining-room, and bull droplight agrees with more sitting room. Droplight has ivory chimney commonly. Chimney has two kinds, lamp mouth is down a kind, light is OK and immediate illuminate is indoor, the light is bright. Another kind is lamp mouth up, lamplight projects be reflexed again on the ceiling indoor, the light is downy.

The style of droplight has a lot of kinds. The droplight of only head for instance of milky white chromosphere chimney, of flowerpot chimney, decorous and bright, multicoloured. The droplight of bull is flowers modelling commonly, color breed is various. Have a many small cup and multilayer much small cup two kinds. Type is various, choose and buy when want not only from pay attention to beautiful and decorous, more should from set out actually, wait for an element with report considering the integral style of the room and safety, discreet choice.

Smallpox lamp makes absorb dome light again, belong to cheap lamps and lanterns, it is to install the ceiling directly commonly. Use at the place such as corridor, corridor, balcony, toilet. Chimney has milk glass and PS commonly board two kinds. The appearance is varied, have a rectangle, square, circle, spherical, cylindrical etc, the illuminant inside has incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp, tube to wait a moment, varied, by no means an isolated case. Its characteristic is relatively in a popular style, economic material benefit.
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