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How to open an iron art store

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Tie Yi appears the earliest in palace, it is a noble those who change is indicative, allow two this years to rise with what decorate grade as people life water, tie Yi has been in ordinary common people the become more proficient in one's profession in the home, alleged " old times king thanks Tang Qianyan, fly to home of common common people " the simple sense with peculiar metal and its omnipotent extensibility gave Tie Yi fluent, the line of metabolic multiterminal, draw the outline of a contain to wear the verve with Europe decorous and showily type, also do not break luxuriant configuration to build the Oriental culture temperament that gives mystery again with of primitive simplicity.
Open iron art store, want naturally be expert at to decorating knowledge, in Tie Yi the factory stayed half month before my set up shop, see masters how solder, burnish, chromatically, divide rust, that paragraph of time can be really boil black have thin, I can be the expert of iron art respect nowadays, the customer came I can introduce how to discern to them class, quality of a material, how with the home in decorate style collocation, though not be shiver tongue, can be sincerely convinced what they say always also, bought my thing finally, this relies on the ink in my abdomen completely.
Alleged bosom friend tells the other, 100 battle do not danger. The need that understands a constituency can be my successful killer mace. Occasionally I can come to help their staff officer in client home personally, how does the entrance door that sees villa deserve to protect column, the stair of double entry house chooses what kind of armrest, the desk and chair of the balcony, the screen that entertain a guest, the wine on the desk is worn, the clock on the wall, the decoration that this iron skill makes is true many, though it does not have a cane implement elegance, the guileless of log, carven lasting appeal, but if be in the home,careful is put, tie-in and proper, fluent and agile modelling also can show the one side of the tender feelings of iron, the bedroom that meets you adds many bright color.
What manage Tie Yi before 9 years is not much still, business nature is good do, you can see on the ave 9 people place a ground vendor's stand nowadays, establish a brand to solicit the business. The common people that great majority decorates can turn a lot of places, goods compares 3, I the business of this inn still calculates flourishing, recipe, live namely fine, keep good faith. Installation deliver goods must assure on time, when installation must careful, leave a good public praise to the client, not anxious did not turn round guest, and can pass 10, 10 pass 100, nature is the guest was like the cloud to come.
Opening an iron art store had better be to choose city of outfit is in the home, and do not need too much capital, a lot of hearts can be saved if if you find a better Tie Yi,the factory cooperates, they are in charge of production, deliver goods installation, your replenish onr's stock also does not need to spend money, it is manufacturer to sell goods on a commission basis, the charge of set up shop the expenditure of 3 two employee, chummage also need not worry too, city of average home outfit is a quarter pays, such calculating come down, the Tie Yi inn of bit 5, 6000 enough, big nevertheless 2, 30 thousand very as decent as the model.
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