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How to defy damp?

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■ countermeasure
Moistureproof " daily " change
Household most need moistureproof is woodiness furniture, because log furniture itself has the function of self-adjusting humidity, do not suggest so often dehumidify, normally dehumidify of a month can. But if live around belong to damp area, criterion the interval of dehumidify and number should increase, lest furniture is mildewy.
Although manufacturer of many real wood furniture all claim,its product just is produced, but to real wood furniture moistureproof maintain and cannot treat sth lightly. Of real wood furniture maintain the point is to maintain burnish, special furniture cleaner equably Tu Zaijia has the face, wipe gently next can.
Wanting those who warn customer is, "Play the day of south wind, it is the day of dehumidify. It is the day of dehumidify..
Ligneous furniture has idea, how does cloth art sofa do? The cloth with higher price art sofa, should use special cleaner to inhale the dust of its surface clean. In damp weather, with sofa of wind canister tootle, but the damp inside eliminate sofa.
To the stain of Tie Yi furniture, want to fill in time. House of Home Tie Yi often should use wet cloth and downy cleaner to swab. Do not use in damp environment as far as possible, notice waterproof and moistureproof, if discover the surface fades occurrence stain, should repair in time on lacquer, lest affect its whole is beautiful.
Moreover when the humidity in air is too big, the surface of electric equipment and interior spare parts adhere to very easily lunt. Settling way is everyday much open of morning and evening home appliance, such, can reduce lunt to component depend on, because moisture is right,decrease thereby the destruction of home appliance.

■ domestic Ju Xiaochang is known
Moistureproof 3 broad ax
Intermittence is ventilated: Afternoon is optimal opportunity, day of overcast and rainy closes the door window of Chao Na or southeast direction, enter in order to reduce lunt indoor. Midday, the air humidity outside lies highest value, should not be window, should be in afternoon or towards evening, when climate is relatively dry, open window adjustment indoor air.
Lime sucks tide: Park is put after day of overcast and rainy can use material or gunny-bag wraps outfit calx indoor everywhere, make indoor air keeps dry.
Air conditioning smokes wet: Before comparing two methods want simple, but lying now electric shortage is seasonal, the proposal uses other environmental protection more moistureproof method, with managing the sources of energy.

■ moistureproof small play art
Moisture absorption box
Chest dehumidify is necessary. Common moisture absorption articles for use is compared on market, regard main content as content by chloridize calcic grain commonly, still added essence part for the most part, so collect dehumidify, balmy, fight the function such as mildew, deodorization at an organic whole. Moisture absorption box is multi-purpose the moisture absorption at ark of chest, shoe. When using, need to put a cabinet only inside can.
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