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What is Tie Yi

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Traditional Tie Yi basically applies the adornment at building, household, gardens, in the country of the Europe such as France, England, Italy, Switzerland, Austria the illuminative is applied very extensive, from royal to civilian house, arrive from gardens court, come from indoor stair outdoor protect column, configuration each different, the adornment of elegant unsurpassed cans be found everywhere. From their line, configuration and colour a few respects are compared, have distinctive color and the Tie Yi that representative is England and France, and two countries Tie Yi becomes a style each again, british Tie Yi does body figure majestic, solemn and respectful, line and composition of a picture are relatively simple and clear, and French Tie Yi was full of romantic warmth, elegant breath however. If say British Tie Yi resembles the gent of Tang of a brilliant Ti, so the emperor that French Tie Yi is like a Hua Guanjin to take child.

As days river outspread, nowadays iron as provide a times one kind to feel extremely and the creation material of full of and classic beauty is applied quite adeptly. What Tie Yi's Great Masters use modern is aesthetic with skill, fusion is worn the oldest stuff on this world, use their particular thinking iron apply extend to new state, made what essence of life collects deduce.

Its apply contemporary adornment Tie Yi limits more extend people to live, besides take traditional pattern, have articles for use of giant and artistic sculpture, sweet family property more, subtle is one party bookshelf, one grasping candlestick even, a pen is inserted, the Tie Yi goods that nowhere is absent, in the modern life in people everywhere flash, its distinctive temperament, modelling lifts new one page to contemporary and popular fashion.

Be in China, more and more people think a classical picture scroll to decorate Tie Yi mediumly to be moved to the side of oneself, beautification creates his loving home. Decorate iron art stylist people the wisdom that develops a Chinese adequately will control the marrow of western tradition craft, create thereby give each perfect curve, each accurate angle, each distinctive modelling, made flawless match line the household environment in your ideal, can says to decorate iron art high-quality goods.

Shenzhen name circumference is industrial limited company is these adornment of Tie Yi high-quality goods " creativity " , she contain among Yu Tie and fire " true, be apt to, beautiful " 3 person syncretic, like Shakespeare literature work, deduce moving canto, initiated home to decorate the beginning of iron art industry, conducted the tidal current of this new style, and carry forward the cause and forge ahead into future...

(Xu Jianhua)

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