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How differentiating those who buy is toughened glass after all

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Toughened glass advantage wheres

Because toughened glass is broken hind, the fragment can defeat even little grain and without common glass cutter the pointed horn of shape, be called thereby safe glass and use extensively at car, interior decoration in.

In household, the person that child of very easy cut perhaps bumps the sharp knife state pointed role after common glass is broken, build the harm of didymous person. It is after glass is broken turning little grain or knife shape into this is toughened glass and common glass means of the mainest distinction. But examine in the project in, using this kind to examine ruinously easily is not actual undoubtedly.

What how can you know oneself are bought so is toughened glass after all?

This still must make a principle analyse from toughened glass, toughened glass is glass of will common anneal first cut becomes requirement measure, the softening point that heats to be close to next, make cool equably quickly and get again. Surface of the glass after steel is handled forms even pressure, and interior forms pulling force, make vitreous function is able to rise substantially, tension spends the 3 times above that is common glass, fighting wallop is the 5 times above of common glass.

Also be this characteristic, tensional feature makes the important mark that differentiates toughened glass of true and false, that is toughened glass can pass through a polarization the ministry side in glass sees mating plate chromatic stripe, and observe in vitreous surface layer, can see the spot of black and white alternate with. Mating plate can be in the polarization camera camera lens perhaps is found in glasses, the adjustment of illuminant notices when observation, observe more easily so.

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