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City furniture detects expert: Discern of formaldehyde " hope to hear ask cut "

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"Furniture arrest poisonous expert " -- , furniture of place of product quality supervision and inspection of the Chengdu City and material detect central Director Li Longping, communicate with customer site " poisonous furniture thought fors the time being " " identify poisonous furniture " " detect furniture is harmful content " " inform against furniture to endanger " wait for concerned problem. At present of furniture examine must undertake destructive to furniture, this kind of kind is really a lot of righter for the customer that had bought furniture not quite actual, no-go also, appear in method of more scientific check proved recipe so before, best method can identify in the beginning of buy namely " poison " furniture, efficient way is used to administer the ill other people such as the formaldehyde that remains in plank after redemptive home.

Discern of formaldehyde " hope to hear ask cut "

How is formaldehyde contained in differentiate furniture? Director Li Longping suggests everybody is when furniture of choose and buy, stand by the place such as the drawer of furniture and almirah first, did not have the section of sealing side processing especially, with nose smell one smell, look to whether have hair doing excitant odour; Experience with the eye, whether to have the state that sheds tear. If smell passes later feel guttural scratchy, cough unwell, unfavorable choose and buy this kind of furniture. Next, should let furniture factory offer the eligible proof that raw material examines, the material that reads manufacturer to purchase is eligible, go up from the fountainhead of furniture material good close. Additional, should microscope man-made board the ministry side furniture whether sealing side, because humanness builds formaldehyde of board frontier department to send out the badliest, press furniture standard regulation, the ministry side man-made board furniture must undertake sealing side is handled. Answer to consider well-known trademark as far as possible when furniture of choose and buy, even if buys the discovery after answering problem, the after service that also can get credit assures.

Processing formaldehyde is far from chemical law

Should administer furniture and dissociate effectively at indoor formaldehyde, answer to be given priority to with physical law, mask in order to change eductional systme agent pungent the method of odour not the harm of formaldehyde of can effective dispel. If feel the home has excitant taste, answer to set furniture better in ventilated condition room, open all drawers and cupboard door, the free formaldehyde in letting furniture sends out as early as possible. During this, suggest this room sky passes period of time, lest human body is inspiratory,free formaldehyde is caused unwell.

When administering formaldehyde, do not use the chemical preparation of unidentified antecedents as far as possible, should use safe and effective physics method, be like the air convection machine of activated carbon, go to the lavatory the simpliest and efficient way is to put a few water indoors. Be because of formaldehyde dissociate in air and dissolve at water, place the birdbath of wide mouth everywhere indoors, change at any time, can absorb the formaldehyde ion in air effectively, achieve the result that reduces formaldehyde thereby.
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