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Accord with new rule environmental protection to amount to mark to decorate an e

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To up to mark decorate an enterprise, will issue our country's only environmental attestation sign

Long-term since, the adornment that our country adornment decorates an industry to lack a science decorates green to serve a standard. Henceforth, consumer undertakes " green " , " environmental protection " when decorating, again also not, anxious cannot find true green adornment to decorate an enterprise. Total bureau of national environmental protection and construction ministry announced jointly recently, adornment of ministry of our country head decorates environmental level " adornment decorates level of environmental mark technology " will be finished at editing inside this year and announce. To up to mark decorate an enterprise, relevant section will give issue our country's only environmental attestation sign, consumer can decorate an enterprise to provide professional service for oneself through eligible adornment.

Decorate link to not allow to ignore

Use data is furniture of green coating, healthy floor, environmental protection... the new residence that Miss Li thinks to just end completely decorates Chengdu citizen is 100 percent " environmental protection home is installed " , but a piece of indoor air detects report however Miss Li foolish eye: Formaldehyde exceeds mark 6-7 times, benzene exceeds bid 3 times much. Miss Li is not clear, what in why be being decorated, use is " green " , " environmental protection " material, how to still cause indoor air pollution to exceed bid badly?

Speak of the problem that Miss Li encounters, the analysis when Li Jianjiang of general manager of limited company of management of market of building materials of 100 million the world is accepting a reporter to interview says, very much likely the environmental protection problem that decorates link without the attention causes this. Decorating link also is to cause a when decorate pollution main factor, if decorate a design unreasonable, decorate craft to close nevertheless, also can cause likewise decorate pollution.

"A lot of people know an outfit now must healthy, environmental protection, but a lot of people may not knows, environmental protection home installs the home that is choice environmental protection not just absolutely to assemble data. " Li Jianjiang says, green home outfit is multivariate ceaseless and influence, reasonable configuration, perfect system project, in some sense, it is to improve people life quality, improve people living standard, protect health of people body and mind, a when create a comfortable, healthy living environment effective family decorates plan. The implementation need home that green home holds installs company and joint efforts of consumer both sides, need installs choice of process of design, construction, material, later period to deserve to act the role of in the home reach safeguard wait for a respect to cooperate jointly.

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