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To building a few view that rolled steel rises in price recently

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The course is brief smooth period hind, enter in April the last ten-day of a month, market of countrywide building steel appears to rise apparently prices, with this index is on the west exemple, was 2990 yuan on January 1, 2007, to May 9, this one word turns into 3530 yuan, go up more than 500 yuan. Face the change of market arise suddenly, we feel the pressure of different common apparently.

If say to was mixed 2005 2006 of rolled steel market go up dropping is level sex, by market supply and demand main area is caused, it is certain to still exist periodic, perhaps say to go up dropping opportunity is relatively equal, so of this prices start, exceeded the category that market supply and demand affects already completely. This can get reflecting from the following respects.

One, macroscopical and main area has with before two years relatively about-face. National statistic bureau will release data of macroscopical first quarter economy on April 19: Gross domestic product five thousand and twenty-eight billion seven hundred million yuan, grow 11.1% compared to the same period, on increasing ratio year the corresponding period accelerates 0.7 percent, fast also 10.4% what 2006 the four seasons spends. Perhaps contrast can show an issue more, arrive from 2003 2006, chinese economy increase rate is ordinal for 10. 0 % , 10. 1 % , 10. 4 % , 10. 7 % .

More crucial is, face this group of burning numbers, governmental function branch did not publish the plan of policy of strict adjusting control. On April 18, wen Jiabao of premier of the State Council chairs call together to open the State Council standing conference, put forward on the meeting, the government should maintain the successional, stability of macroscopical economic policy. The new case new issue that in moving according to economy, appears, take the integrated step that gives priority to with economy and legal measure in time, prevent economy by slant to turn quickly for overheat, avoid to appear big rise and fall. Such making known one's position with mixed 2005 the country after first quarter all published step of concrete macroscopical adjusting control 2006 completely different -- at that time, the change that is policy face makes the fuse that rolled steel price drops. Above evidence makes clear, henceforth inside period of time, chinese economy will still maintain the development of high rate, building steel products regards primary production as the data, driving demand will prop up it to move in higher-priced.

2, of cost prop up. Of case of domestic coal, report, oily, freight rate rise to need not say ceaselessly, sheet is the iron ore price that regards rolled steel as commissariat, because count level external taller, put in bigger variable. According to report of Xinhua News Agency, the strategic value of global iron ore in recent years sufficient dash forward now: Negotiation of annual price of global contract iron ore is become " heat of finance and economics " ; Successive and old price rises greatly make iron ore becomes resource kind goods rises in situation " star " ; Advantage mine already by each capital " the circle surrounds almost to use up " , river valley of Brazilian fresh water and Australian force develop, need and need structure of monopoly of tycoon of 3 big mining industry does away with develop hard. The active advantageous position that iron ore supply and demand adjusts still is offerred relative to deflection square, the growth of demand of global iron ore that gives priority to with China still is continueing, the amplitude of Chinese entrance iron ore still is in first quarter this year 20 % above, the state that so iron ore runs relative to perch is short-term inside change hard.

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