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1800 kinds of electric equipment must have card of environmental protection admi

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The personage inside course of study says to use replace material to be able to raise manufacturing cost

Since tomorrow, enter the product of information of 1800 kinds of electrons of outback market, must use the means that stick a mark or is written in product manual, bright term of service of the name of the poisonous and harmful material that in showing a product, contains or element, content, environmental protection and can deny when discard reclaim use wait for information, when so that invite customer,be being bought can be clear at a glance.

Ban pledge with toxicant time is uncertain

A year ago, produce ministry and hair to change by the letter appoint, total office of Department of Commerce, customs, industrial and commercial formulate of combination of total bureau, qualitative check total bureau, environmental protection total bureau is intercurrent cloth " electronic information product pollutes control government measure " , decided the control to 6 kinds of poisonous and harmful material in electronic information product uses catalog management means, successive ground is advanced prohibit or restrict its to use.

" administrative measure " the product that still will pollute catalog of control management priority to entering electronic information product is carried out superintend strictly, must realize the replace or reachs level of set limit to requirement of poisonous and harmful material, pass compulsive attestation next (3C attestation) ability enters the market. Limitation of poisonous and harmful material and taboo time have not decide at present.

Suitable scope is not contained " white home appliance "

Hand in Han Jianhua of secretary-general of home appliance guild to introduce according to Shanghai, daily life is all sorts of common phone, electrograph, mobile phone, interphone, little plane of sport of machine of dish of camera of dictionary of well-informed, television, computer, PDA, electron, number, printer, DVD, electric lamp, electron, microwave oven, it is electronic information product. Of traditional sense " white home appliance " wait for product of electric home appliances

New label appears the most quickly after 2 months

Zhao Kejun weighs vice president of the group that achieve dimension, look from craft angle, toxic to 6 harmful substance has limit, use replace material to be able to make produce cost to increase, plus detect charge, highest likelihood makes cost rises 10% . He thinks, sure meeting has the cost of promotion to be reflected partly go up in market price case. But introduce according to market personage, " run way " the product that will have production clearly on March 1 to seeming, the product that has sold in the market to instantly does not have an influence. New label appears on the product, also should be in the most quickly 2-3 after the month.

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