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National general executes export license to manage to exit of partial rolled ste

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Learn from Department of Commerce, to restrain rolled steel export has increased fast impetus, total office of Department of Commerce and customs issued announcement jointly a few days ago, the hot-rolling that decides to will have pair of part type on May 20 from this year coils hot-rolling of material, blame coils the exit of rolled steel product such as wire rod of plank of material, cold rolling, hot-rolling executes export license to manage.

Announcement points out, basis " law of foreign trade of People's Republic of China " and " regulation of imports and exports of goods of People's Republic of China " , since May 20, 2007, export to product of partial rolled steel according to " goods exports licence government measure " concerned regulation executes exit licence management. Execute the rolled steel product that exports licence management this to involve number of 83 custom goods.

Announcement says, the trade pattern that executes rolled steel this to export licence is confined to general commerce exit, do not contain remand loan exit and exit of international invite public bidding.

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