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90 smooth rice will design a standard to be in hard into mainstream small family

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Examine minutely " the residence designs a point under 90 square metre " be abolished

In " the residence designs a point under 90 square metre (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " (weigh a point below) after a week that is abandoned, participated in the expert that the work out works and design personnel to accept a reporter eventually interview, they say, editing the basis that designs a point is " supply a structure to stabilize housing price opinion about adjusting housing " (the country does send 37) and " a certain number of opinions that build demand of housing construction scale about fulfilling " (build housing 165) , and, the expert that shares staff wanting a place expresses: Eliminate area correction coefficient causes controversy besides, "Point " to 90 square metre the following in small model the design has direct sense.

Complexity of ● area calculative brings about what amend coefficient to 90 square metre to be read by accident

Complexity of residential area calculative brought about what a lot of people amend coefficient to 90 square metre to be read by accident. And in the point increasing somewhat with coefficient area about multiplying is consider type of different climate area, different house set model floor area controls a standard can opposite fairness, unified, is not policy of pair of 90 square metre overthrow or change.

Wen Kai of Zhao of member of panel of vice director of living research center of academy of design of Chinese town planning, staff wanting a place expresses, when the point asks for opinion draft to announce, correction coefficient is read by accident by a lot of people, take exaggerate ground to say policy has become loose, this itself is irresponsible expression, and, this kind reads just by accident is the case that puts fluky person to be willing to see to heart of policy of 90 square metre. And after this, construction ministry asks for what the opinion stalks of grain to abolish immediately to the point the action, what stopped certain person on one hand is fluky and budding, proved the powerful resolution that implements strictly to policy of 90 square metre on one hand.

The explanation says Zhao Wenkai, in the point point out clearly, 90 square metre the policy of 70% is to implement water of section ground, energy-saving, section, part effectively material is mixed those who protect an environment " 4 one environmental protection " guiding principle, the residence that fits Chinese national condition in order to build is built and consume mode, boost resource managing model with the environment friendly model the policy that the society determines for the purpose, cannot relax easily or this is changed.

Courtyard professor Zhou Yanmin also expresses the Tsinghua university architecture that shares work of staff wanting a place, have correction coefficient, among them reason is involved, what 90 square metre point to is to cover model floor area, cover namely inside the sum of mutual floor area of floor area and apportion, if do not have the adjustment of correction coefficient, so, take same board building mixes the low layer of an area photograph of high-level board building is compared, because the high level has the reason such as the room before elevator, fire control, equally shared area normally bigger, the person that buy a house is redemptive and same the house of floor area, the high level covers the usable floor area inside to be about to compare low layer a lot of smaller, so that make 3 rooms very hard door. Still have additionally because of heat-insulation layer ply size of different, tube well differs wait for existence area difference, and the original idea of area correction coefficient, it is to let buy room person to be below the guidance of this policy, the house that buys a hand is relatively fair on usable floor area.
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