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Can effect label will remove become effective washing machine to lift undersell

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Washing machine of large quantities of special offer, low appears in home appliance market recently, consumer is in clean out bargain while, the washing machine that can want to notice these prices are inviting is put probably have " sth which it would be awkward to disclose " .

Sell in report of a few everybody, washing machine of rich world WFD50820TL from fall 3890 yuan by original price reach 3500 yuan; Rich world WFD51029 washing machine from cost price 4690 fall reach 4000 yuan; Washing machine of Xi Menzi 1088XS falls 3980 yuan from cost price reach 3298 yuan; Washing machine of new happy XQB45-6259 from cost price 1000 fall now more reach 899 yuan; Washing machine of the XQB60-P600LL below the pine from by cost price 1800 multivariate fall 1599 yuan, price falls very big, but the specific power consumption that less than unity see on airframe marks. Concerned expert says, change according to national hair appoint, total bureau of national qualitative check and country adopt inspect appoint release jointly " label of efficiency of energy of electric washing machine implements regulation " requirement, since March 1, the impeller form that reachs 13 kilograms for 1 kilograms in the rated catharsis capacity that sells on home market and rolling-type family expenses are dynamoelectric washing machine, will stick energy efficiency label entirely, will not allow to sell otherwise.

Controller of association of home appliance of lukewarm state city introduces, washing machine is afterwards freezer and common air conditioning later the 3rd kind " the mount guard that hold card " electric home appliances

About connoisseur proposal, consumer should understand data of specific power consumption when commodity of special offer of choose and buy, consider current price already, also calculate after calculating the charge of electricity of overpay, compare which be to one's profit.

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